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Unlock the wonder and fun of science by exploring the printables, lessons, graphic organizers, and quizzes below. Whether you're teaching a unit on geology, space, chemistry, or physics, you'll find the science materials you need for elementary, intermediate, and high school students. You can easily incorporate math, history, or art activities into your science curriculum with these resources. Use Earth Day activities in April to teach your students about nature and respecting the environment.

Whiteboard Compatible Mini-Lessons

Sense Organs: Skin, Nose, Tongue Mini-Lesson
The Amazing Rain Forest Mini-Lesson
Introducing Dinosaurs Mini-Lesson
Ocean Zones Mini-Lesson
Meet the Planets Mini-Lesson
More Mini-Lessons

Digital Books

Gallery of DK Digital Books for Life Science
Gallery of DK Digital Books for Earth Science

Worksheets & Activities (K-2)

Loud and Soft Sounds
Body Parts
Life in the Sea
Photosynthesis Worksheet
World Map (Black and White)
More Science Printables (K-2)

Worksheets & Activities (3-5)

Thought for Food: A Nutrition Lesson
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Parts of a Volcano Labeling Worksheet
List of Inventions and Discoveries
Engaging STEM Titles for K-8 Reading
More Science Printables (3-5)

Worksheets & Activities (6-8)

Performance-Based Science Activities
Body Parts Pictorial Story
Summer Crossword Puzzle
Have a Heart
Organ Systems in the Human Body
More Science Printables (6-8)

Worksheets & Activities (9-12)

Performance-Based Science Activities
Types of Habitat with Examples of Plant Life
The Parts of the Heart (Blank) Printable
How Does Alcohol Affect the Body?
Science Key-Term Crossword Puzzle
More Science Printables (9-12)

Lesson Plans

What Am I? Icebreaker
Life Cycle of Butterflies
"The Grasshopper and the Owl": A Fable by Aesop
What Materials Conduct Static Electricity Best?
Which Metal Corrodes the Fastest?
"The Fox and the Goat": A Lesson on Aesop's Fable
Layers of the Rain Forest
More Popular Science Lesson Plans

Graphic Organizers

Top 10 Science Graphic Organizers
Double Entry Journal Template
Float or Sink
Triple Venn Diagram
Animal Babies and Parents
Dogs and Cats as Pets: Venn Diagram
More Science Graphic Organizers


List of Rain Forest Animals
Cranberry Facts
Some Unusual Facts About Snakes
Global Warming: A Glossary of Terms
Dinosaur Facts
More Science References

Games & Puzzles

Poptropica Teaching Guide: Time Tangled Island
Bones & Muscles Word Search
Seeds Word Search
Hospital Word Search
Recycling Crossword Puzzle
More Online Science Games

Earth Day Activities

Recycling & Waste Management – Educational Videos & Activities
Favorite Classroom Activities for Going Green
Recycled Art
Environment & Pollution: Matching Worksheet
Plant Crossword Puzzle
More Earth Day Teacher Resources


The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities Booklet
The Sunflower
Describe the Rainy Day
More Spring Resources for Science Class


Fall into Rhyme
Seasons Printables Slideshow
Weather Station
More Autumn Resources for Science Class


Types of Snow
Let It Snow!
Herbs in the Classroom
More Winter Resources for Science Class

Language Arts Connections

Lesson Planning Center
Summer Fun Worksheets
Plant Parts
Post Card Template
The Five Senses
More Language Arts Activities for Science Class

Literature Connections

Animal Farm Literature Guide
Summer Reading (Grades 9-12)
Island of the Blue Dolphins Activities
Rachel Carson: The Coming of a Silent Spring: Reading Passage
Summer Reading (Grades 3-5)
More Literature Activities for Science Class

Math Connections

Weather Graph
Measuring: Liquid Volume
Rulers: Inches and Centimeters
Money-Saving Tips for Teachers
Plant Graph
More Popular Math & Science Resources

Art Connections

Paper Plate Dinosaur
Recycled Art Projects Gallery
Make a Dinosaur
T. Rex Pop-Up Activity
Tissue Flower Craft
More Popular Art Activities for Science Class


Loud and Soft Sounds
Potential and Kinetic Energy
What Materials Conduct Static Electricity Best?
Observing Sound Waves
Science Key-Term Crossword Puzzle
Float or Sink
Rev Up Your Veggies: A Physical Science Activity
More Physics Resources


Which Metal Corrodes the Fastest?
Salt or Sugar: Which Dissolves Faster in Different Liquids?
Build a Volcano
pH Scale
The Density of Saltwater
More Chemistry Activities

Human Body Resources

The Five Senses - Kindergarten
Label Your Body
Human Body Transparencies & Visuals Gallery
Parts of the Body
Human Body Printables Slideshow (Grades K-3)
Brain Science Curriculum (Grades 3 & 4)
Brain Science Curriculum (Grades 5 & 6)
More Human Body Resources for Teachers


Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Summer Crossword Puzzle
Frequently Asked Questions about Tsunamis
Weather Graph
More Weather Resources for Teachers

Plants (Botany)

Photosynthesis Worksheet
Plant Parts
Careers: Who Am I?
Fruits and Vegetables List
Growth Cycle of Plants
More Plants (Botany) – Teacher Resources


Life in the Sea
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities Booklet
What Am I? Icebreaker
Life Cycle of Butterflies
"The Grasshopper and the Owl": A Fable by Aesop
More Animals – Teacher Resources


Zodiac Constellations
One Small Step and Mission to the Moon
Constellations: Pictures in the Sky Lesson Plan
Team Moon Teacher's Guide
Moon Things Crossword Puzzle
Space Play: Tour of the Solar System
My Book of Space Exploration
More Popular Space Activities for Science Class

Social Studies Connections

World Map (Black and White)
List of Inventions and Discoveries
Educational Clip Art Images from DK
Animal Farm Literature Guide
Create Your Own Invention
More Social Studies Activities for Science Class

History Connections

"The Fox and the Goat": A Lesson on Aesop's Fable
Digital Book Library
Wonders of the World Questions
Inventions & Machines Printables Slideshow
Poptropica Teaching Guide: Mystery Train Island
More History Activities for Science Class


Engaging STEM Titles for K-8 Reading
All About Pneumatic Tires
Animal Report PowerPoint Presentation
Comparing Humans and Robots
Pet Microchipping
More Popular Technology Resources for Science Class


Famous Firsts in Aviation
Classroom Catapults
Science Reading Warm-Up: Telescopes
How an Electric Light Bulb Works
Activities for Jet Plane: How it Works, My Readers: Level 4
Invent a Flying Machine
Mold Observation Chart
More Popular Inventions Activities for Science Class

Food Science

Thought for Food: A Nutrition Lesson
Insects in the Garden
The Foods We Eat
The Omnivore's Dilemma Teacher's Guide
Gummy Worm Measurements
More Nutrition & Food Activities


Parts of a Volcano Labeling Worksheet
Vertebrate and Invertebrate Animals
A Volcano Wordsearch
Science Reading Warm-Up: Earthquakes
Science Reading Warm-Up: Volcanoes
More Geology Activities


List of Rain Forest Animals
Animal Habitat Crossword Puzzle
Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheet
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Body Parts of an Ant
More Insects – Teacher Resources

Biography Activities

Rachel Carson: The Coming of a Silent Spring: Reading Passage
Rachel Carson: The Coming of a Silent Spring: Comprehension Questions
Popular Inventions Printables
Learn About Johnny Appleseed
Albert Einstein, Physicist
More Biography Activities

Visuals & Transparencies

Science Visuals (Grades 6-12)
Science Transparencies (Grades 6-12)

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Teaching Racism & Discrimination in America
The issues of racism, prejudice, and discrimination have plagued the United States since it was founded, and racially motivated killings still occur with frequency today. Help your students understand the historical contexts of racism—with references on slavery, immigration, and the civil rights movement—to frame your conversation on modern instances of prejudice.

Poptropica Teaching Guides
Poptropica is one of the Internet's most popular sites for kids—and now it's available as an app for the iPad! It's not just a place to play games; each of the islands featured on the site provides a learning opportunity. Check out our teaching guides to four of Poptropica's islands: 24 Carrot Island, Time Tangled Island, Mystery Train Island, and Mythology Island.

Teaching with Comics: Galactic Hot Dogs
Reach reluctant readers and English-language learners with comics! Our original teaching guides to the Galactic Hot Dogs comic series (chapters 1-4 and 5-8), as found on Funbrain.com (and now in print!), will take students on a cosmic adventure while engaging their creative minds. Plus, find even more activities for teaching with comics, featuring many other classic stories.

July Calendar of Events
July is full events that you can incorporate into your standard curriculum. Our Educators' Calendar outlines activities for each event, including: World War I Began (7/28/1914) and Author J.K. Rowling's Birthday (7/31/1965). Plus, celebrate Read an Almanac Month and Recreation and Parks Month all July long!

Interested in using different types of media in your classroom? We have a growing collection of videos, with related activities, for holidays and events, including: Independence Day, slavery & the Civil War, American History, U.S. Presidents, handwashing awareness, the Common Core, women's history, Memorial Day, and the environment. Enjoy!