How Was That Sheep Cloned?

Grade Levels: 3 - 5

Students discover how scientists took DNA from a cell in one sheep to clone a brand new sheep that was genetically identical to the original.

40 minutes

Students will:

  • use vocabulary related to cloning.
  • learn how scientists used DNA to clone a sheep.
  • learn how scientists hope to use cloning to help people with serious diseases.

  • Activity worksheet: Carbon Copies (
  • Website: Carbon Copies (
  • Website: Cloning Dolly
  • Website: The Cloning of Dolly (

  • Introduce key vocabulary: cell, clone, DNA, gene, protein.
  • Have students visit the Carbon Copies website.
  • Ask students to complete the Carbon Copies worksheet using the information found at the Cloning Dolly and The Cloning of Dolly websites.
  • Encourage students to write on the back of their activity worksheet two, three, or more questions that they would like to ask Dolly.
  • Have students work individually or with partners.
  • Set up a time when students can share their results, discoveries, and questions. Discuss ways to determine the answers to the new questions.

  • Use the Scoring Guide Rubric to assess students' understanding of the topic and group discussion skills.
    National Science Education Standards

    Students develop understanding that:

  • many characteristics of an organism are inherited from the parents of the organism, and other characteristics result from an individual's interactions with the environment.
  • hereditary information is contained in genes (located in the chromosomes of each cell), each of which carries a single unit of information.
  • scientists make the results of their investigations public; they describe the investigations in ways that enable others to repeat the investigations.
  • National Educational Technology Standards


  • demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems.
  • use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.
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