Celsius and Fahrenheit Conversions Made Simple

Grade Levels: 3 - 8


  • Students will learn to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit (or vice versa).
  • Students will practice their addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills.


  • Pens, paper
  • Calculator (optional)


Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius:
  1. Ask students to think of a temperature in Fahrenheit.
  2. Have them add 40 to that number.
    • Multiply the new number by .55555 (a decimal point followed by five 5s).

    • Subtract 40.

See example below:

32° Fahrenheit = ?° Celsius
Step #1: 32°F + 40 = 72.
Step #2: 72 x .55555 = 39.9996 (round to nearest whole number).
Step #3: 40 - 40 = 0°C.

Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius:

  1. Ask students to think of a temperature in Celsius.

  2. Have them add 40 to that number.

  3. Multiply the new number by 1.8.

  4. Subtract 40.

See example below:

0° Celsius = ?° Fahrenheit
Step #1: 0°C + 40 = 40.
Step #2: 40 x 1.8 = 72.
Step #3: 72 - 40 = 32°F.

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