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School Safety Resources for Teachers

Promote a healthy learning environment year round with educational lessons and printables on school safety. School Safety Month in October is a great time to talk to your students about conflict resolution, empathy, and communication. You will also find classroom management resources for safety rules and community-building activities to bring your students together.

School Safety Printables

Feeling Words Chart
The Fire Drill
Bus Safety
It Could Happen to You
Exploring Cultural Points of View
Safety Activities Printable Book (Grades K-4)
The Golden Rule
Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill Fire-Safety Activities
Sorting Out Feelings
Police Officer Hat
Garrett A. Morgan Invents Traffic Light
Talk It Out Together Chart
School Safety Connect-the-Dots
Listening to Another Point of View
How Words Affect Others
More School Safety Printables

Conflict Resolution Lesson Plans

Conflict Resolution Activities
Many Ways to Resolve Conflict
Acting Out Conflict
Practicing Problem Solving
Talk It Out Together
What's So Bad or Good About Conflict?
Exploring the Nature of Conflict
What About Fighting?
Identify the Resolution
Brainstorming for Consensus
More Conflict Resolution Lessons

School Safety References

Resolution Vocabulary
Time Line of Events: September 11-18, 2001

Health & Wellness Resources

Disasters – Natural and Unnatural
Death and the Grief Reaction Process
Back to School Time: Pencils, Books, and the Flu
Relationship Between Crisis and Special Education
Impact of Disruption on Students with Exceptionalities
Impact of Death on Students with Exceptionalities
Impact of Disaster on Students with Exceptionalities
What You Can Do to Help Prevent the Flu
Meet the "Faces" of Influenza
Crisis Intervention Information Centers

Classroom Management Resources

Five Styles of Handling Children's Conflicts
It Could Happen to You
The Golden Rule
Tape Recorder Fight Role Play
Responding to Conflict Amongst Young Children
Bully-Proof Your Classroom
Talk It Out Together Chart
Survey About Conflict and Me
Cyberbullying: The Downside of New Media Technology
Emergency Interruption List
Crisis Intervention Plan for an Intruder
Intervention Strategies for Disruptions
Animals in the Classroom

Activities for Language Arts

Feeling Words Chart
Sorting Out Feelings
The Gorp's Gift Activities
Listening to Another Point of View
Adam Canfield, Watch Your Back! Discussion Guide
The Gorp Reading Activities
The Gorp's Gift Questions
Be a Peacemaker
Put Gorp's Story in Order
Gun Safety—What Would You Do?
Teacher's Guide to The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School by Laura Murray
Concerned Mayor

Related Safety Resources

Fire Safety & Prevention Slideshow
Safety Resources for Teachers
Suicide Prevention and Awareness Resources
The Gorp's Gift: Gun Safety Resources for Teachers
Dealing with Germs in the Classroom

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