Running Loose

Lessons, activities, and references for teaching Running Loose by Chris Crutcher.
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Updated on: January 8, 2002
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Internet Resources

Chris Crutcher Biography
Grade Levels: Middle, Secondary
Learn more about the recipient of the 2000 Margaret A. Edwards Award, an honor given to Mr. Crutcher for his lifetime contributions to teen writing.

Chris Crutcher Interview
Grade Levels: Middle, Secondary
This interview was conducted shortly after the release of the author's eighth novel, Whale Talk.

Word Find Puzzle Maker
Grade Levels: All
Use this Family Education site to create a word find puzzle using vocabulary words from Running Loose.

Books by Chris Crutcher

Angry Management, 2009
Athletic Shorts, 1989
Chinese Handcuffs, 1989
The Crazy Horse Electric Game, 1987
Deadline, 2007
The Deep End, 1991
Ironman, 1995
King of the Mild Frontier, 2003
Period 8, 2013
Running Loose, 1982
The Sledding Hill, 2005
Staying Fat for Sarah Burns, 1993
Stotan!, 1986
Whale Talk, 2001

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