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    Recycling Craft Project: Make a Birdhouse

    Have fun teaching students about the environment with a green arts-and-crafts project. Children will... read more

    Coloring Packet: Reusing an Old Jar

    Begin teaching students at a young age the importance of reusing and recycling with this mini colori... read more

    Recycling Study Guide

    This printable guide to recycling and reducing waste in the environment includes an overview of soli... read more

    Waste-Free Lunch

    Teach your students why it's important to prepare a waste-free lunch – and then how to do it! Includ... read more

    Trash & Climate Change

    Pupils learn the connection between rubbish and climate change with this printable packet of activit... read more

    Join the Planet Protectors Club!

    Encourage your pupils to establish a Planet Protectors Club at your school! Many earth friendly acti... read more

    Planet Protectors Calendar of Activities

    Encourage your students to become "Planet Protectors" with this calendar of events and activities. T... read more

    Make a Difference in Your School

    Celebrate Make a Difference Day! Put your focus on improving your school grounds by picking up trash... read more

    Case of the Broken Loop

    Pupils are the detectives in the Case of the Broken Loop, an activity about reducing waste and conse... read more

    The "Three Rs": Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

    People know that the "three Rs" stand for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. But do you know how to put these c... read more

    Recycling Facts

    Get the facts about recycling with this printable reference sheet. Use this factsheet in your classroom unit on "going green." read more

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