The Gorp's Gift Questions

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These questions are designed to help your students' understanding of The Gorp's Gift. They are organized in accordance with Bloom's Taxonomy, and are valuable for post-reading assignments and classroom discussion.


  1. What news did Gorp have to deliver?
  2. What does he say you should do if you see a gun?
  3. Why do we say, "All guns are loaded"?
  4. What does Gorp want you to get and never forget?
  5. What does it mean to make a promise?


  1. Explain why Gorp's words are all twisted.
  2. Describe Gorp.
  3. What does he say guns can do to you?
  4. What does Gorp want all children to understand?


  1. How can you use Gorp's message in your life?
  2. The answer is safety. What are the possible questions?
  3. Do you know where there is a gun in your house, or in someone else's house? How are you going to make sure you or a younger child never touches it? Should you ask for your parents' help in keeping you safe?


  1. What are Gorp's reasons for teaching us about guns?
  2. What does the need for this book tell us about our society?
  3. How is gun safety related to the concept of non-violence?
  4. How is gun safety related to the concept of peaceful conflict resolution?

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