Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells

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Use the following questions after the second or third reading of Bunny Cakes. There are questions for every one or two pages of the story.

  1. What is happening on the first page of the story? (Max is making a cake for Grandma out of dirt and earthworms.)
  2. What happens to the eggs Ruby needs for her cake? (They fall and break.)
  3. What does Ruby write on the list? (She writes "eggs" on the list.)
  4. Have you ever helped someone write a grocery list? What did you put on it?
  5. What does Max write on the list? (He writes "Red-Hot Marshmallow Squirters".)
  6. What does the grocer give Max? (The grocer gives Max eggs.)
  7. Why doesn't the grocer give Max what he wants? (He can't read Max's writing.)
  8. What happens to the milk Ruby needs for the cake? (It spills.)
  9. Ruby writes on the next list for Max. (milk)
  10. Max writes on the same list. (Red-Hot Marshmallow Squirters)
  11. Does Max get everything on the list? Why? (No. Max gets only the milk because the grocer can't read his writing.)
  12. What does Max spill next? (Max spills the flour.)
  13. What is Max writing on the list? (He writes "Red-Hot Marshmallow Squirters".)
  14. What does the grocer give Max? (The grocer gives Max only the flour.)
  15. What has Ruby put on the door to the kitchen? (She has put up a sign that says Max isn't allowed in.)
  16. Does Max run away and hide? How do you know? (No, he stays right outside the kitchen. You can see his little ears.)
  17. What is Ruby putting on her cake? (She is putting pink frosting on the cake.)
  18. What else does she want for her cake? (She wants candles, stars, hearts, and roses.)
  19. Have you ever decorated a cake? How did you decorate it?
  20. What does Max add to the list? (He draws pictures of Red-Hot Marshmallow Squirters.)
  21. Why does Max get what he wants this time? (The grocer understands what the pictures stand for.)
  22. What is happening on the last page of the book? (Grandma is thinking about which cake to eat first.)


The words listed below come from the story and its pictures. As you page through the book, ask children to name the objects listed or talk about the actions portrayed. Words are listed for every two pages of story. Ask about other objects and actions shown in the pictures as you see fit.

  • cake, pancake turner, dirt, earthworms
  • mixer, eggs, butter, milk, egg shells, shopping list
  • wagon, grocery store, grocer, cheese, glasses
  • egg carton, milk bottle, tipping over, spilling milk
  • crayons, suspenders
  • stove, tea kettle, skillet, flour, standing on the chair
  • writing, hoping
  • sign, inside and outside the house, mixing, ears
  • icing the cake, pink frosting, licking, writing, thinking, crayons
  • pictures of Red-Hot Marshmallow Squirters, running, giving
  • candles, roses, hearts, stars, icing, spatula
  • balloons, flowered hat, granny glasses

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