The Mountain That Loved a Bird

by Alice McLerran
Illustrated by Eric Carle

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The Mountain That Loved a Bird The Mountain That Loved a Bird, inspired by author Alice McLerran's fascination with archaeological changes over periods of time, is a folktale about the friendship between a small bird and a barren mountain. Eric Carle's bright collage illustrations are some of his finest works.

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Enrichment Activities
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Enrichment Activities

  • Bird Bread
    This lesson has students creating a bird feeder made from bread, and observing birds feeding in their natural environment.

  • Bird Feeders
    In the winter, birds often need extra food for fuel and warmth. Suet is an important food source for them. Here are three ideas for things you can make to feed the birds in your area.

  • Can You Make a Feather?
    Students will construct their own feather and compare it with a real bird feather.

  • Character Comparison
    Use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the story's two main characters, the bird and the mountain. Students can draw a picture representing the bird and the mountain on each side of the diagram and fill the rest of the space with words that describe each one.

  • How Do Birds Adapt to Eating?
    In this hands-on lesson, students learn how birds have adapted their beaks in order to successfully eat.

  • A Nesting Station
    Longer days mean that birds are getting ready to make their nests. Help our feathered friends out by giving them some extra supplies.

  • Same/Different
    The unusual friendship between the mountain and the bird is central to this book. In this printable, students write how they are the same and how they are different from their own friends.

  • Friends
    Have your students compare their friendships with the relationship between the characters by having them draw pictures of themselves with a friend. Then, students can write about what they like to do with their friends.

Internet Resources

Alice McLerran Website
Grade Levels: Primary, Intermediate
A wonderful website filled with touching and personal information about the author.

Desert Animal Printouts
Grade Levels: Primary, Intermediate, Middle
Printouts of animals that have made adaptations to live in the desert.

Desert USA
Grade Levels: Primary, Intermediate
This extensive site features links to animals, plants, geology, and people of the desert.

The Official Website of Eric Carle
Grade Levels: Primary, Intermediate
This website features upcoming events, an Eric Carle picture book museum, personal information about this award-winning author and illustrator, and more.

Word Find Puzzle Maker
Grade Levels: All
Use this Family Education Network site to create a word find puzzle using vocabulary words from The Mountain That Loved a Bird.

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