Cryptogram Puzzle

Create a cryptogram puzzle in which a word or phrase is encoded into different letters or numbers. Students crack the code by matching numbers or letters to each letter in the alphabet to reveal a secret phrase.

A field marked with * is required.

*Cryptogram Title:

Enter a title for your cryptogram. There is a limit of 30 characters.

*Original Word or Phrase:

Enter a word, phrase, or sentence to be encrypted. Remember: the longer your original phrase is, the easier it will be to solve!

*Encryption Style:

Choose whether your puzzle is encrypted with letters, numbers, or Greek letters.

Puzzle Directions:

Your puzzle will automatically include the instructions below, or you can edit the text to write your own directions. If you do not want to include any instructions, leave the field blank.

Name and Date Lines:

Check the box if you would like "Name" and "Date" lines to appear at the top of your puzzle for your students to fill out. If you uncheck the box, they will not appear.

Answer Key:

Check the box if you would like the options of printing an answer key for your puzzle. Uncheck the box if you do not want an answer key.


You can choose to display some of the actual letters in the word or phrase to make it easier to solve the puzzle.

No hints
Show all vowels
Show most common letter
Choose letters to display (use commas only to separate between letters, no spaces)
Show the "alphabet key" decoded

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