Sell the Book PowerPoint Slide Show

This Project

In this project, your students will design a single slide to advertise a book they have read. They will try to highlight the most interesting parts of the book so people will want to run out and read it.

Computer Skills

  • Using text boxes
  • Using WordArt
  • Adding graphics

Before the Computer

  • Show your students some sample book advertisements from magazines. Mention that most of these ads include a graphic, a book title, and a summary or some quotes about the book.
  • Show students how to locate the Book template for this project.
  • Have your students complete the Student Planning Page.

Teacher Extensions

  • Once all the students have printed out their slides, bind them into a book they can flip through when deciding which book to choose for free reading.
  • Assemble the finished slides into a slide show that students can reference when they need to find good books. See instructions on how to tie individual slides together into one teacher-created slide show.
  • Leave these instructions near your computer the entire year. When a student finishes a book they like, they can create a slide to advertise it to the rest of the class.

Quick Steps

  • Open PowerPoint and select the (Book) template.
  • Double-click on the top of the page and add the title of your book. You can use the WordArt functions to change the shape of your title.
  • Click on the quote text box and write an exciting quote for your book.
  • Click on the summary text box at the bottom of the page and write a two-to three-sentence summary of your book.
  • Double-click on the graphic to add a PowerPoint graphic that is appropriate for your story.
  • You can use the text box tool to add more quotes to your slide.
  • Save and print your slide.
  • Repeat this process for the Setting, Characters, Plot, and Recommmendation slides.


Step 1:  Open the Book PowerPoint template. This template is intended for readers who have a version of PowerPoint residing on their computer. This template does not contain the software application itself. You will be able to read the template file if you are using PowerPoint 97 for Windows, PowerPoint 98 for Macintosh, or a later version. If you do not have this software application, CLICK HERE to download PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

Step 2:  Template files are meant for you to open and immediately save under another name some where on your desktop, hard drive, or floppy diskette. So, if you open a template file, before entering any text or data, click on the FILE menu and select Save As. Navigate to where you want to save your file, rename it, and then click on the Save button. Then you can begin entering text and data.

Step 3:  Move the mouse to the top of the slide and double-click on Title of the Book Here.

Step 4:  When the test box pops up, type the name of your book in the box and select OK.

Step 5:  Move the mouse to the text box that asks for a quote. Click on the box and delete the writing inside the box. Write your quote inside the box. Be sure to press Return when it's time to start a new line.

Step 6:  Move the mouse to the text box that asks for a summary. Click on the box and delete the writing inside the box. Write a 2-3-sentence summary of your book inside the summary text box.

Step 7:  Move the mouse to the graphic. Double-click on the Snowman graphic. Scroll through the available PowerPoint graphics and select one to fit your book. Click OK.

Step 8:  Pull down the FILE menu and select Save As. Give your file the name (Book Title your initials).

Step 9:  Repeat the steps above for the additional slides provided. Include the information requested on each slide.

Step 10:  To print your slides, pull down the FILE menu and select Print. Click OK (PC) or Print (Mac) and print your advertisement!

Step 11:  Present your slide show to the class.

Teacher Instructions for Making a PowerPoint Slide Show

Step 1:  Once all the students have completed their slides, open PowerPoint, choose Blank Presentation and click OK. The New Slide dialog box will appear; click Cancel.

Step 2:  Pull down the INSERT menu and select Slides From Files. If you are working on a PC, move your mouse to the Browse button and click once.

Step 3:  Scroll through your files and locate the student slide you want to place first in your electronic slide show.

Step 4:  Select the file with your mouse and click Open (PC) or Insert (Mac).

Step 5:  If you are working on a PC, the file name will appear in the File box. Click Display. A picture of the slide will appear in the box below.

Step 6:  Continue repeating Steps 2-5 for each slide you want to place in your slide show.

Step 7:  If you are working on a PC and have selected all your slides, move your mouse to the Insert All button and click once.

Step 8:  Move your mouse to the Close button and click once.

Step 9:  Pull down the VIEW menu and select Slide Sorter to rearrange the slides in any order that you want (i.e. alphabetical order).

Step 10:  Pull down the FILE menu and select Save As. Give your file the name (your name sell).

Step 11:  Pull down the FILE menu and select Print. Click OK (PC) or Print (Mac).

In this lesson plan, students design a PowerPoint slide with an advertisement for a book they have read. It's easy to connect technology, art, and language arts with these step-by-step instructions for students and teachers.
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