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This Project

In this project, your students will create a postcard from a place they might have visited over a break or weekend. The emphasis of this lesson will be on designing an exciting picture to entice the postcard recipient to flip the slide and read about the location. Students will be encouraged to write an exciting description full of factual and interesting information about the location.

Computer Skills

  • Adding graphics to a slide
  • Designing graphics for a slide
  • Adding text to a slide

Before Beginning

  • Discuss with students some different places they have visited recently. Remind them to choose a place they can describe in great detail and about which they can create a picture. Be sure to tell them that they can write a fun and exciting postcard from a local amusement park or beach if they wish.
  • Have each student complete the Student Planning Page. A good warm-up activity for them would be to watch you fill out information on the Student Planning Sheet about some place you visited over the break. You could either put the planning sheet on an overhead or recreate it on a board to be filled out.
  • Show students how to locate the Postcard template for this project.

Quick Steps

  • Open the PowerPoint template called (Postcard).
  • Use the text, paint, and graphic tools to create a postcard scene inside the box.
  • Move to the next slide.
  • On the second slide, insert the text from your postcard in the text area.
  • Insert the address to which you are sending the postcard in the address area.
  • Go to the clip art menu and choose a piece of clip art for your stamp. Resize it so that it fits in the stamp box in the upper right hand corner.
  • Save and print your postcard.


Step 1:  Open the Postcard PowerPoint template. This template is intended for readers who have a version of PowerPoint residing on their computer. This template does not contain the software application itself. You will be able to read the template file if you are using PowerPoint 97 for Windows, PowerPoint 98 for Macintosh, or a later version. If you do not have this software application, CLICK HERE to download PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

Step 2:  Template files are meant for you to open and immediately save under another name some where on your desktop, hard drive, or floppy diskette. So, if you open a template file, before entering any text or data, click on the FILE menu and select Save As. Navigate to where you want to save your file, rename it, and then click on the Save button. Then you can begin entering text and data.

Step 3:  On the first slide, you will need to design the front of your postcard with a picture that encourages the receiver to read it. Check to make sure that the Drawing toolbar is on the screen. If it is not, pull down the VIEW menu, select Toolbars and choose the Drawing toolbar.

Step 4:  Move your mouse to the rectangle drawn on your slide. Click on the rectangle so that it is selected. Then move your mouse to the Fill Color tool on the Drawing tool bar. (Hint: If you aren't sure which tool is which, slowly move your mouse over the icons and the name of each tool will pop up on the screen.)

Step 5:  Click on the arrow to the right of the Fill Color tool, then click on More Fill Colors from the pop-up menu. Choose from the many colors available to select a background for your postcard. Click OK.

Step 6:  Pull down the INSERT menu, select Picture, and choose Clip Art. Scroll through the available clip art and select pictures you would like to put on the front of your postcard. Highlight your selection with the mouse and click Insert.

Step 7:  To add a picture from another source, pull down the INSERT menu, select Picture, and choose From File. Scroll through the files until you find where you have saved your desired graphic and click Insert to add it to your postcard.

Step 8:  Use the mouse pointer to resize the picture if necessary. Move your mouse arrow to the edges (boxes) of the graphic and drag to the size needed.

Step 9:  Pull down the INSERT menu and select Text Box. A pointer will appear on the screen. Use the mouse to draw a box indicating where you want the text to appear.

Step 10:  Select a size and style of font that you like and type some sort of catchy message that would make the receiver of the postcard want to read more. When you are finished, click outside the box. Use the mouse to move the text if necessary.

Step 11:  Use the scroll bar on the right hand side of the screen to move down to the next screen.

Step 12:  Use the mouse to click on the address section of the postcard and follow the directions in the box.

Step 13:  Use the mouse to click on the letter portion of the postcard. Erase the text in the box and write your letter.

Step 14:  Pull down the INSERT menu, select Picture, and choose Clip Art. Scroll through the available clip art and find the picture you would like for your stamp. Once you have found your graphic, select it with the mouse and click Insert.

Step 15:  When it pops in, the graphic will probably cover a large portion of the page. Use your mouse to resize the graphic and move it into the stamp box.

Step 16:  Pull down the FILE menu and select Save As. Make sure that you are saving it to a folder where you can find it later. Give your file the name (your name Postcard). Click the Save button.

Step 17:  Pull down the FILE menu and select Print. Click OK (PC) or Print (Mac) to print a hard copy of your postcard.

Build students' PowerPoint skills with this postcard lesson plan. Students will research someplace they have visited and create postcard slides full of interesting facts to share with the class. Step-by-step instructions make it easy to incorporate technology in your lessons.
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