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    Pin the Hat on the Pilgrim

    Looking for a fun Thanksgiving game to play with your students? Hang the picture of the pilgrim (pag... read more


    History of Thanksgiving

    Learn how Thanksgiving became a national holiday. Each educational video on the history of Thanksgiv... read more


    Thanksgiving History Reading Warm-Up

    This printable warm-up helps students master important reading skills with nonfiction text. The read... read more


    The Mayflower Historical Fiction Reading Warm-Up

    In this printable reading warm-up, students learn about Colonial times through a historical fiction ... read more


    Pilgrims & the Wilderness Reading Warm-Up

    This printable reading warm-up includes a nonfiction reading passage about the Pilgrims and reading ... read more


    Make a Three-Cornered Hat

    Use this pattern to make three-cornered hats. This arts & crafts project is fun to use when studying Colonial Times, Pilgrims, and American History. read more


    Set Design for "Pilgrims of Plymouth"

    Design a set for "Pilgrims of Plymouth," using dimensions in feet and inches. This arts & crafts act... read more


    Old Sturbridge Village

    Students take a tour of 19th-century Sturbridge Village to learn about life in a typical New England town during that period in history. read more


    Colonial American Gazette

    Assign a project that centers on the creation of a publication called the Colonial American Gazette.... read more


    Colonial America Kaleidoscope

    Students use the information they obtain through independent research to create a Colonial Kaleidosc... read more


    Of Plymouth Plantation

    Lessons, websites, recommended books concerning William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation to expand ... read more


    The Mayflower Compact

    Explore Colonial times by reading the Mayflower Compact. This reference includes the text of this historic document and its signatories. read more


    Paper Weavings

    Students learn to make weavings out of paper or cloth to mimic the activities of women from Colonial... read more


    Make a Dried Bouquet

    Students learn how to make bouquets out of dried peppers or flowers. This was a common Colonial deco... read more


    Dried-Pepper Hangings Instruction Sheet

    Students learn how to make bouquets out of dried peppers or flowers, as the Pilgrims did during Colo... read more

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