Patriot Day (September 11, 2001)

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    How We've Changed Since 9/11

    Americans are still feeling the impact of the September 11 terrorist attacks ten years later. Here's... read more


    Stand Tall: Student Guide

    Explore activities to be used with Stand Tall by Joan Bauer, a novel about helping children deal wit... read more


    American Patriotic Pencil Wrap

    Have students celebrate America by topping off their pens and pencils with these patriotic pencil wr... read more


    America Shall Not Perish Poster

    Students identify connections between the Civil War and the events following September 11, 2001 in t... read more


    September 11: A Testimony

    This outstanding book contains photographs taken by the staff of Reuters after the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. read more


    Understanding September 11th

    Filled with pictures, maps, and straightforward explanations, this is the book that will enable youn... read more


    Beyond Blame -- Complete Unit

    This three-lesson unit will help middle and secondary students to cope with, understand, and move be... read more


    How Can You Prevent Injustice?

    The third lesson in Beyond Blame: Reacting to the Terrorist Attacks helps students to examine the po... read more


    Has the Past Been Just?

    The second lesson in Beyond Blame: Reacting to the Terrorist Attack deals with the reactions America... read more


    What is Justice? What is the Injustice Here?

    In the first lesson from the Beyond Blame curriculum, students will learn about the Sept. 11, 2001 t... read more


    Beyond Blame -- Introduction

    This introduction provides background information and teaching suggestions for a three-lesson unit (... read more

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