Miss Nelson is Missing

by Harry Allard

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Miss Nelson is Missing!

The students in Miss Nelson's class have difficulty following the rules and being respectful. One day Miss Nelson concocts an ingenious plan and disappears, making it necessary for substitute “Viola Swamp” to take over. Soon the children are inundated with homework and have their story time taken away. Eventually, Miss Nelson comes back to a much improved class that appreciates her for the wonderful teacher she is.

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Enrichment Activities
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Enrichment Activities

    Character Comparison
  • Use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the story's two main characters, Miss Nelson and Miss Viola Swamp. Students can draw a character in each side of the diagram and fill the rest of the space with words that describe each woman.

    Clue Hunt
  • Students will probably figure out who Miss Viola Swamp really is. Brainstorm with them the clues that led them to that conclusion. Use the book as a guide for clue-seeking.

    Emotions Chart
  • Read Miss Nelson is Missing a second time and have students locate the places where they would have been angry, annoyed, upset, or happy if they had been in Miss Nelson's class. Create a chart on the board to fill out with the students. Have them create their own emotions chart using this printable.

    Letter Writing
  • Have students write a letter to Miss Nelson to persuade her to return to the classroom. In the letter, students can make a list of rules they would follow in the future. Teach them how to write a persuasive letter with this printable activity.

    Papier-Mâché Puppets and Masks
  • Create Papier-Mâché Puppets and Masks of the two main characters in Miss Nelson is Missing, Miss Nelson and Miss Viola Swamp. Then have students act out the story. Their classmates can play the roles of Miss Nelson's students. For help on making Papier-Mâché, use this printable about creating a piggy bank.

Internet Resources

James Marshall Biography
Grade Levels: Primary, Intermediate, Middle
James Marshall originally planned to become a musician, but after injuring one hand in an accident he stumbled upon drawing. Read more about the remarkable career of the award-winning illustrator of Miss Nelson is Missing.

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A complete list of the Educational Paperback Association's top children's authors is divided into two lists: grades 1-4 and grades 5-8. Each author's link includes a biography and other works by the writer.

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