Shadow of a Bull

by Maia Wojciechowska

Shadow of a Bull

Set in a small town in Spain, Shadow of a Bull leads readers into the life of Manola Olivar, and eleven-year old boy. At such a young age Manola is already struggling with what professional path to take. His wish is to become a doctor but his family and the townspeople are pressuring him to take the same career path as his late father, a world famous bullfighter. Manola is torn between remaining faithful to himself, or honoring his late father.

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Enrichment Activities
Internet Resources
Books by Maia Wojciechowska

Enrichment Activities

  • Act Out a Scene
    Assign students, in groups of three or four, to act out a scene from Shadow of a Bull.

  • Bullfighting
    Have students prepare a Power Point presentation on bullfighting. Use the sites listed below as references.

  • Book Cover Design
    Get students thinking about the main message of the book by having them design a new book cover. You can also have your class analyze the different book covers that the novel has been published with since 1965. Some examples are below.

    Shadow of a Bull 1972 Book Cover


    Shadow of a Bull 2007 Book Cover

  • Folk Tale Problem-Solving
    Students will create their own folk tale with characters, a setting, and a problem.

  • Integrate Art
    Contact your school's art teacher and brainstorm ideas that would integrate art, Hispanic Heritage, and the book Shadow of a Bull. Some suggested materials include clay, pastels, or paper collage.

  • Shadow of a Bull Word Search
    Challenge your students vocabulary skills with this word search.

  • Story Elements
    Define the story elements of Shadow of a Bull by breaking down the different components of the book.

  • TeacherVision's Hispanic Heritage Theme
    This theme page is packed with lessons, activities, and references for all grade levels about Hispanic Heritage.

Internet Resources

Bullfighting Terms
Grade Levels: All
This glossary of bullfighting terms will help students while reading Shadow of a Bull.

The History of Bullfighting
Grade Levels: All
An explanation and history of one of Spain's most popular pastimes.

Information about Spain
Grade Levels: All
Facts about the geography, government, and history of Spain.

Maia Wojciechowska – Biographical Sketch
Grade Levels: All
A biography of the late Newbery-Award winning author.

Books by Maia Wojciechowska

Don't Play Dead before You Have To
Dreams of Cycling
Dreams of Fashions
Dreams of Golf
Dreams of Ice Dancing
Dreams of Soccer
Dreams of the Deep
Dreams of the Hoop
Dreams of the Indy Five Hundred
Dreams of the Kentucky Derby
Dreams of the Super Bowl
Dreams of the World Series
Dreams of Wimbledon
Dreams of Winter Gold
Hey, What's Wrong with This One?
Hollywood Kid
How God Got Christian into Trouble
Kingdom in a Horse
Life and Death of a Brave Bull
People in His Life
Shadow of a Bull
Single Light
Through the Broken Mirror with Alice
Till the Break of Day

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