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Money – Resources for Teachers

Reinforce money skills and concepts, with these printables, lesson plans, and quizzes for your mathematics class. The topics learned will help your students in practical, real-life situations now and in the future. Included you'll find lesson plans about the monetary system of ancient civilizations, daily warm-ups for all grade levels, cost-evaluation exercises to build your students awareness of budgets, printable sheets of dollars and coins, activities for holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, quizzes, and much more!

Printables for Grades Pre-K–2

Ways to Make 20¢
Trading Coins
How Much Money Will You Save?
Save with Coupons
The Coin Counting Book Activity
Money Word Problems I
More Money Printables, Grades Pre-K–2

Printables for Grades 3-5

Money: Printable Dollar Bills
Birthday Party Budget: Excel Exercise
Understanding the Stock Market
Math Warm-Up 257 for Gr. 5 & 6: Algebra, Patterns & Functions
Time, Measurement, and Money: Critical Thinking (Gr. 5)
Back to School Shopping Trip: Excel Exercise
Math Warm-Up 71 for Gr. 5 & 6: Operations
More Money Printables, Grades 3-5

Printables for Grades 6-8

World Currencies: Exchange Rate Word Problems
Birthday Party Budget: Excel Exercise
Buy Nothing Day
Money: Decision Making (Gr. 6)
My Budget: Using Excel
Math Warm-Up 83 for Gr. 5 & 6: Operations
Life Skills: Decision Making (Gr. 6)
More Money Printables, Grades 6-8

Lesson Plans

Are All Pennies Created Equal?
An Expedition to Egypt
Chinese Yuan
Go on a Building Tour
The United States Commemorative State Quarter Program
Hawaii Commemorative Quarter


Money Magic Quiz
Money Quiz

Coin & Bill Recognition

Money: Printable Dollar Bills

Art & Money Connected

Coin Creations
Canadian Dollar Coins
Rickshaw Girl Discussion & Activity Guide

Holiday Money Activities

Money-Saving Tips for Teachers
Popular Energy, Power & Electricity Resources
Chinese Yuan
Shopping for Thanksgiving Math
My Christmas Wish List

Reading & Language Arts & Money Connected

Your Own World Bank Loan
An Expedition to Egypt Vocabulary
Money Similes
Canadian Bilingual Currency Activity
Winning the Lottery
Defining Economic Terms
Australian Currency – Bank Notes

History & Money Connected

An Expedition to Egypt
Classroom Trading Post
An Expedition to Egypt Rubric
Bank Information
Lewis & Clark Trading Post
Canadian Bilingual Currency Activity
Australian Currency – Coins

Social Studies & Money Connected

Break the Bank
An Expedition to Egypt
Who's Who of American Coins
Chinese Yuan
Money Around the World
The United States Commemorative State Quarter Program
An Expedition to Egypt – Worksheet
More Money Resources for Social Studies

Science & Money Connected

Alligator Snacks
Holding a Fundraiser: Money for a Good Cause

More Mathematics Resources

Math Teacher Resources
Graphs & Charts – Teacher Resources
Measurement & Time Teacher Resources
Geometry Teacher Resources
Addition & Subtraction Teacher Resources
Decimals, Fractions, & Percentages – Teacher Resources
Estimation, Probability, & Statistics Resources for Teachers
Algebra Teacher Resources
Multiplication & Division Resources for Teachers

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