Metric System

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    Themed Packet

    Time, Money & Measurement Printables Slideshow

    Inside this slideshow, you'll find a variety of activities and worksheets that will help students to... read more

    Slideshow Gallery

    Printable Rulers & Protractors Gallery

    Find printable rulers and protractors to use in your classroom. Use the mathematical instruments in ... read more

    Teacher Resources

    Elementary Mathematics: Measurement

    Discover everything you need to successfully teach measurement to elementary students, from referenc... read more


    Measurement of Weight

    Learn to teach the measurement of weight, with help from our professional development resource for elementary-school teachers. read more


    Powerful Ideas Related to Measurement

    This collection of professional development resources for elementary teachers will help you learn th... read more


    Measurement Units as Standard

    In this professional development resource for K-5 teachers, you will learn how to teach students about measurement units and why there are standards. read more


    Converting to Metric

    This spreadsheet activity asks students to collect, organize, and graph data. Students will use form... read more



    Compare the metric and English system of measurement with these printable rulers. This page includes... read more


    Metric Conversions

    Students explain how to make conversions within the metric system, such as kilograms to grams and meters to kilometers. read more

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