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Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May. Incorporate our printables, lessons, and references across your curriculum to honor the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in American wars. Patriotic art activities are a fun way for students to help decorate the classroom for this civic holiday. You will find resources and literature on heroes, heroines, and historic battles to help educate your class about wartime service.

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Veterans Day Videos & Activities

Learn about the significance of Veterans Day, November 11, through educatio... read more


Memorial Day Word Scramble

Ask students to unscramble these Memorial Day vocabulary words. Then, use t... read more


Memorial Day Videos & Activities

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May. Learn about the history... read more

Literature Guide

Okay for Now Educator Guide

Guide book discussion and enrich your curriculum with questions, projects, ... read more


War Is... Author Notes

Learn about the inspiration behind War Is... and compare how four leading y... read more


Weapons of War

Pupils will learn about weapons used in wars throughout history, from the l... read more


Battles of World War I

Pupils review the major battles of World War I in this printable word searc... read more


Remembrance Day Quiz

Children answer multiple-choice questions about Remembrance Day, which is c... read more


War of the Roses

Teach war and royalty history with this worksheet. Pupils fill in the blank... read more


Treaty of Versailles

Teach pupils about the five major peace treaties that ended World War I wit... read more


Fourteen Points Writing Exercise

Print out and give pupils this writing activity to teach them more about Wo... read more


Anti-War Protests

Use the words in this worksheet to complete the paragraph about anti-war pr... read more

Slideshow Gallery

WWII Printables Slideshow

These lessons and activities will help expand your students' understanding ... read more


Discussion Guide for War Is...

Thought-provoking discussion questions for War Is... will help you begin or... read more


The Lusitania

The details of the sinking of the Lusitania provide an introduction to rela... read more


A Classroom Divided

Discover a game that divides the class into two factions, providing a hands... read more

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