First Grade Math: Extending the Counting Sequence

Brought to you by Nodma, this printable from SAP Learning Math Grade 1 will help students learn about extending the counting sequence.

Using the illustrations on the worksheet as a guide, students will be asked to answer questions using position words and ordinal words.

Teaching Tip: Model the activity and use of positional words by asking the class who among them came in first in the morning and who came in last, followed by a brief definition of orders and positions. After completing the worksheet, ask the students to talk about a race or contest they have participated or watched and ask about who came in first, second and third to familiarize them further with numerals, ordinal numbers and positions.

This resource aligns to CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.NBT.A.1, the 1st Grade Common Core Standard for extending the counting sequence and reading and writing about numerals.
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This resource from SAP Learning Math Grade 1 courseware is brought to you through the collaboration of Singapore Asia Publishers (SAP), authors Alan Tan and Tina Myung and Nodma. SAP has helped millions of students excel in curriculum-based learning in more than 60 countries by developing a hybrid of both traditional print and digital content.

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Excerpted from

SAP Learning Math Grade 1
Alan Tan, Tina Myung

SAP Learning Math Grade 1 is an engaging interactive workbook that makes math easy to understand! Specially developed for kids who struggle with learning math, it provides students (and teachers and parents) a summary of learning objectives, practice worksheets for checking/recalling important math formulas, exercises for becoming familiar with various types of assessment questions, non-routine questions for developing analytical skills and carefully worked out step-by-step solutions.

What's amazing about this courseware is the gradual presentation of lessons and the numerous practice tests it includes that will facilitate better absorption of the mathematical lessons for young minds and also ensure that multiple concepts are understood.

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