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Chinese Yuan

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  • Students will practice simple algebraic equations by converting the Chinese Yuan into U.S. dollars.



  • Distribute copies of Solve it in Yuan Student Handout
  • Allow time for students to solve the problems. When they are finished, review the answers (included with worksheet) with them.

Extension Activities

  • Instruct students to estimate the costs for one day of their trip to China for a family offour (2 adults and 2 students). Approximate hotel and dining costs can be found inmost travel books. Estimate other expenses. Although the activity provided can be used as aguide, encourage students to make other selections on how the family will spend theday.
  • An abacus is a tool used in China for counting and doing simple arithmetic. It is theforerunner of modern-day calculators. The abacus is still used in China as well as otherAsian countries. Obtain an abacus and help students learn to use it.

Excerpted from Africa, Europe & Asia: Ready to Use Interdisciplinary Lesson and Activities for Grades 5-12.

Familiarize students with China's monetary unit, the Yuan. Practice simple algebraic equations.
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