3rd Grade Subtraction Worksheets

Students will practice their subtraction skills with these worksheets that focus on money problems, subtracting multiple digit numbers, and choosing the correct operation.

  • Addition Fact Families
  • Practice identifying fact families in this addition worksheet. Given a fact family, students must decide which addition problem fits the pattern of the family. Then, they create their own fact families.

  • Calculating Change
  • Using mental math, students calculate the correct change after making a purchase with a certain amount of money. Students can set up subtraction problems if they are unable to make the calculations using mental math.

  • Choosing the Operation: Add or Subtract?
  • To complete the equations in this printable math worksheet, children must choose the operation: addition or subtraction. Children must realize that if the answer is greater than the first number, they should add, and if the answer is smaller than the first number, they should subtract.

  • Choosing the Operation: Word Problems II
  • In these real-life word problems, students choose between addition or subtraction to solve each exercise.

  • Subtracting and Simplifying Fractions
  • In this math worksheet, children subtract fractions that have the same denominators. Remind them to simplify their answers, if required. Help them do so by finding common factors in the numerator and denominator.

  • Subtracting Measurements
  • Students will have to identify which 2-digit vertical subtraction problems need regrouping in this activity. Units of measure are included in these math problems; ensure children include the units in their answers.

  • Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers I
  • The problems in this math worksheet involve both vertical and horizontal subtraction with three-digit numbers. If students have difficulty, try pointing out where they should be regrouping. Some of these subtraction problems use units of measurement or money.

  • Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers II
  • Give students practice solving vertical and horizontal subtraction problems with three-digit numbers. If students have trouble with the section on finding the missing numbers, have them use trial and error or fact families. Some of these subtraction problems involve units of measurement.

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