3rd Grade Money Worksheets

Students will work on their money skills with these worksheets. They can practice adding, subtracting, calculating change, counting, and dividing all with the concept of money.
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  • Addition and Subtraction Word Problems I
  • These real-life word problems test whether children know when to add and when to subtract. Some difficult vocabulary words, such as "altogether," may need to be explained.

  • Calculating Change
  • Using mental math, students calculate the correct change after making a purchase with a certain amount of money. Students can set up subtraction problems if they are unable to make the calculations using mental math.

  • Choosing the Operation: Word Problems IV
  • The word problems in this printable math worksheet allow students to apply the arithmetic skills they have practiced to real-life situations involving money. They must decide whether it is appropriate to add, multiply, subtract, or divide to complete the exercises.

  • Counting Money
  • In this exercise, children count the coins and write the total amount of money they have in each problem. Students can write addition problems on the worksheet if they are unable to calculate the total using mental math.

  • Dividing by 10 with Dollars and Dimes
  • Using dollars and dimes as guides, students divide by 10 to solve the problems and determine how much money is pictured.

  • Dividing by 3
  • Divide the money equally among the three purses. Then, write a division problem to show the work for each exercise.

  • Mixed Tables: Dividing Pennies
  • In this printable math worksheet, students divide the 12 pennies equally. Then, they draw the coins and write the problem to show how many each person gets.

  • Mixed Tables: Money for Chores
  • A price list for jobs helps students determine how much money each child will get paid for different tasks. Students must multiply to figure out how much each person is owed.

  • Multiplication and Division Word Problems III
  • These real-life word problems involving units of measure and money require children to multiply or divide to find the solutions.

  • Rounding Decimals
  • In this exercise, students must round each monetary amount and unit of measurement to the nearest dollar or meter, respectively.

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