3rd Grade Addition Worksheets

Students will gain better knowledge of addition with these worksheets. These worksheets focus on 2- and 3-digit addition problems, measurements, money, as well as adding measurements.
Updated on: August 29, 2017

  • 2-Digit Addition
  • The straight-forward problems in this vertical addition worksheet require adding 2-digit numbers without regrouping.

  • 2-Digit Addition with Regrouping I
  • The problems in this vertical addition worksheet require adding 2-digit numbers with regrouping. Remind students that when they regroup, they must add 1 to the tens column.

  • 2-Digit Addition with Regrouping II
  • Practice adding 2-digit numbers with regrouping in this worksheet of vertical addition problems.

  • 2-Digit Addition with Regrouping III
  • Children must regroup to solve these 2-digit, vertical addition problems.

  • 2-Digit Addition with Regrouping IV
  • Most of the sums in these 2-digit vertical addition problems require regrouping. Make sure students don't neglect adding 10 to the tens column when they regroup.

  • Adding and Simplifying Fractions
  • The fractions in this printable math worksheet must be added then simplified, if necessary. Some children may incorrectly add both the numerators and the denominators; demonstrate that only the numerators should be added when the fractions have the same denominators.

  • Adding and Subtracting 100
  • Practice arithmetic skills by adding and subtracting 100 from a list of 3-digit and 4-digit numbers.

  • Adding Four-Digit Numbers
  • The questions on this page involve straight-forward addition work with four-digit numbers. If children have difficulty with the section on finding missing numbers, have them try various digits until they find the correct one.

  • Adding Measurements
  • Regrouping is needed in these 2-digit vertical addition problems. Units of measure are also included in these problems. Make sure students include the units of measure in their answers.

  • Adding Mixed Fractions
  • Practice adding mixed numbers and simplifying fractions, with this printable math worksheet. Make sure students understand how to simplify improper fractions that are part of a mixed number as well.

  • Adding Odds and Evens
  • Review odd and even numbers, then complete this printable math worksheet. Students will add even numbers to other even numbers, odd numbers to odd numbers, and even numbers to odd numbers. Then, they will record what they notice about their answers.

  • Adding Three Numbers
  • Children add three numbers in these vertical addition problems. Many of these problems with multiple addends require regrouping, and in some cases children must add 20 to the tens column, rather than 10.

  • Adding Three-Digit Numbers
  • The questions on this page involve straight-forward addition work with three-digit numbers. If children have difficulty with the horizontal sums, suggest that they rewrite them in vertical form.

  • Addition and Subtraction Word Problems I
  • Test to see if your students know when to add and when to subtract. Some difficult vocabulary words, such as "altogether," may need to be explained.

  • Addition and Subtraction Word Problems II
  • These real-life word problems require children to do multiple operations (addition and subtraction) in order to solve them. If students have difficulty, discuss the steps involved in each exercise.

  • Addition Fact Families
  • Practice identifying fact families in this addition worksheet. Given a fact family, students must decide which addition problem fits the pattern of the family. Then, they create their own fact families.

  • Averages
  • Students find the average of a set of numbers in this statistics worksheet. If necessary, remind them that the average of a set of quantities is the sum of the quantities divided by the number of quantities.

  • Choosing the Operation: Add or Subtract?
  • To complete the equations in this printable math worksheet, children must choose the operation: addition or subtraction. Children must realize that if the answer is greater than the first number, they should add, and if the answer is smaller than the first number, they should subtract.

  • Choosing the Operation: Word Problems II
  • In these real-life word problems, students choose between addition or subtraction to solve each exercise.

  • Counting Money
  • In this exercise, children count the coins and write the total amount of money they have in each problem. Students can write addition problems on the worksheet if they are unable to calculate the total using mental math.

  • Perimeters of Squares and Rectangles I
  • Using the metric system of measurement (centimeters), students find the perimeter of the squares and rectangles.

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