2nd Grade Measurement & Time Worksheets

Help students develop their skills with measurement and telling time with these worksheets. These worksheets focus on measurement tools, specifying lengths, understanding a clock face, reading a calendar, and more.
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  • Choosing the Operation: Add or Subtract II

    Students must choose between addition and subtraction (+ or -) to solve each problem in this math worksheet. The addition and subtraction problems are in horizontal format. This worksheet includes a section with measurement units and a section with word problems.

  • Estimating Length

    In this measurement worksheet, students compare lengths by sight and use a benchmark to estimate length.

  • Measuring Tools: Which is Best?

    Students choose which measuring tool–a yardstick, a measuring wheel, a tape measurer, or a ruler–would be best to measure each item in this worksheet.

  • Metric Measurement Problems: Converting Units

    Review units of metric measurement and conversions with this worksheet. To help children solve these problems, provide counters they can use to represent the amounts.

  • Metric Measurement Problems: Rulers

    Review metric measurement with this worksheet. Students read the scales of centimeter rulers and write the measurements shown in this math worksheet.

  • Reading a Calendar

    Students read calendars to answer questions in this worksheet.

  • Real-life Math Problems

    Students apply their knowledge of math concepts to answer questions about a picture. This worksheet reviews key math skills including telling time, counting, adding, comparing quantities, recognizing shapes, and distinguishing between odd and even numbers.

  • Telling Time: Clock Faces and Hands

    Give students practice representing and telling time with this worksheet. Students are asked to write the time under each clock face and draw the long hands and the short hands for the given times.

  • Telling Time: Clock Faces I

    Students practice telling time with digital and analog clock faces in this worksheet. Children may count by 5s for each division on the clock face.

  • Telling Time: Clock Faces II

    Students use their clock-reading skills to tell the time on each digital or analog clock face.

  • Telling Time: Clock Faces III

    This worksheet asks students to show each time on the clock and watch faces.

  • Telling Time: Clock Hands

    Have students draw the hands on each clock face to show the time.

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