4th Grade Number Sequencing Worksheets

These worksheets will improve students' skills with identifying patterns and advancing their knowledge of the times tables.
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  • Identifying Number Patterns I

    Give students practice with addition and pattern recognition. In this math worksheet, students determine what number to add to get the next number and repeat the operation to continue each pattern.

  • Identifying Number Patterns II

    Reinforce math skills with a practice worksheet on identifying patterns. Students are asked to identify increasing or decreasing number patterns and continue each pattern.

  • Identifying Number Patterns III

    Challenge students to identify and continue each number pattern in this math worksheet. The patterns are formed by adding or subtracting whole numbers from mixed numbers or decimals.

  • Learn the Rest of the 6s
  • This worksheet will help your students practice their six times table and number sequences.

  • Learn the Rest of the 7s
  • Test your students knowledge of the seven times tables by solving the problems in this worksheets.

  • Learn the Rest of the 8s
  • Help students learn the rest of the eight times table by having them complete the number sequences and review problems in this multiplication worksheet.

  • Learn the Rest of the 9s
  • Have your students practice their nine times table by completing the number sequences and equations on this worksheets.

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