4th Grade Addition Worksheets

These worksheets focus on the more advanced concepts of addition. This includes addition of fractions, decimals, addends, perimeters, and number sequences to solve specific equations.
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  • Adding & Simplifying Fractions I

    Students add fractions and write the sum in its simplest form.

  • Adding & Simplifying Fractions II

    This worksheet encourages students to simplify improper fractions that are part of a mixed number.

  • Adding & Simplifying Fractions III

    Help your students learn how to find the common factor while adding fractions. This will help students identify when they can simplify fractions to smaller numbers.

  • Adding & Simplifying Fractions IV

    Use this math worksheet to give students practice adding fractions with common denominators and simplifying the sum to a mixed number.

  • Adding Decimals I

    Students practice adding decimals in money and units of measure through a mix of vertical addition, horizontal addition, and word problems.

  • Adding Decimals II

    Give students more practice adding decimals with money and units of measure. This printable includes a mix of vertical addition, horizontal addition, and word problems that require regrouping.

  • Adding Decimals III

    Use these real-life problems involving money and metric units to give students more practice adding decimals.

  • Adding Decimals IV

    Give students more practice adding decimals with real-life problems involving money and metric units of measure.

  • Adding Four-Digit Numbers

    In this worksheet of horizontal and vertical addition problems, students add four-digit numbers.

  • Adding Odd and Even Numbers

    Students are asked to find the sums of even and odd numbers and make observations about their answers.

  • Adding Three-Digit Numbers

    Students add three-digit numbers in these horizontal and vertical addition problems.

  • Addition Fact Families

    Students will practice recognizing addition fact families by circle the number sentence that is in the same fact family and write the fact family for each group of numbers.

  • Addition, Multiplication, and Division

    Help students understand the distributive property with the addition, multiplication, and division problems in this math worksheet. Students are asked to complete each number sentence or equation with the missing number.

  • Column Addition with Five Addends

    Practice column addition with multiple addends and regrouping. This math worksheet also gives students practice adding money and metric units of measure.

  • Column Addition with Four Addends

    Have your students practice long form addition with large numbers in this worksheet. Students will need to add multiple numbers to find the total.

  • Identifying Number Patterns I

    In this math worksheet, students determine what number to add to get the next number and repeat the operation to continue each pattern.

  • Identifying Number Patterns II

    Reinforce math skills with a practice worksheet on identifying patterns. Students are asked to identify increasing or decreasing number patterns and continue each pattern.

  • Identifying Number Patterns III

    Challenge students to identify and continue each number pattern in this math worksheet. The patterns are formed by adding or subtracting whole numbers from mixed numbers or decimals.

  • Perimeters of Squares and Rectangles II

    Review the method for finding the perimeter of squares and rectangles with the practice problems in this geometry worksheet.

  • Renaming & Adding Fractions

    Students rename fractions before adding them and writing the sum in the simplest form.

  • Writing Equivalent Number Sentences

    Give students practice writing equivalent number sentences for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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