Highest Mountain Peaks in the United States

A chart listing the highest mountain peaks in the United States.
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Peaks that are higher than 14,000 Feet.

Name State Height
Mt. McKinley Alaska 20,320
Mt. St. Elias Alaska 18,008
Mt. Foraker Alaska 17,400
Mt. Bona Alaska 16,500
Mt. Blackburn Alaska 16,390
Mt. Sanford Alaska 16,237
Mt. Vancouver Alaska 15,979
South Buttress Alaska 15,885
Mt. Churchill Alaska 15,638
Mt. Fairweather Alaska 15,300
Mt. Hubbard Alaska 14,950
Mt. Bear Alaska 14,831
East Buttress Alaska 14,730
Mt. Hunter Alaska 14,573
Browne Tower Alaska 14,530
Mt. Alverstone Alaska 14,500
Mt. Whitney Calif.14,4941
University Peak Alaska 14,470
Mt. Elbert Colo. 14,433
Mt. Massive Colo. 14,421
Mt. Harvard Colo. 14,420
Mt. Rainier Wash. 14,410
Mt. Williamson Calif. 14,370
La Plata Peak Colo. 14,361
Blanca Peak Colo. 14,345
Uncompahgre Peak Colo. 14,309
Crestone Peak Colo. 14,294
Mt. Lincoln Colo. 14,286
Grays Peak Colo. 14,270
Mt. Antero Colo. 14,269
Torreys Peak Colo. 14,267
Castle Peak Colo. 14,265
Quandary Peak Colo. 14,265
Mt. Evans Colo. 14,264
Longs Peak Colo. 14,255
Mt. Wilson Colo. 14,246
White Mtn. Calif. 14,246
North Palisade Calif. 14,242
Mt. Cameron Colo. 14,238
Mt. Shavano Colo. 14,229
Crestone Needle Colo. 14,197
Mt. Belford Colo. 14,197
Mt. Princeton Colo. 14,197
Mt. Yale Colo. 14,196
Mt. Bross Colo. 14,172
Kit Carson Mtn. Colo. 14,165
Mt. Wrangell Alaska 14,163
Mt. Sill Calif. 14,163
Mt. Shasta Calif. 14,162
El Diente Peak Colo. 14,159
Point Success Wash. 14,158
Maroon Peak Colo. 14,156
Tabeguache Mtn. Colo. 14,155
Mt. Oxford Colo. 14,153
Mt. Sill Calif. 14,153
Mt. Sneffels Colo. 14,150
Mt. Democrat Colo. 14,148
Capitol Peak Colo. 14,130
Liberty Cap Wash. 14,112
Pikes Peak Colo. 14,110
Snowmass Mtn. Colo. 14,092
Mt. Russell Calif. 14,088
Mt. Eolus Colo. 14,083
Windom Peak Colo. 14,082
Mt. Columbia Colo. 14,073
Mt. Augusta Alaska 14,070
Missouri Mtn. Colo. 14,067
Humboldt Peak Colo. 14,064
Mt. Bierstadt Colo. 14,060
Sunlight Peak Colo. 14,059
Split Mtn. Calif. 14,058
Handies Peak Colo. 14,048
Culebra Peak Colo. 14,047
Mt. Lindsey Colo. 14,042
Ellingwood Point Colo. 14,042
Middle Palisade Calif. 14,040
Little Bear Peak Colo. 14,037
Mt. Sherman Colo. 14,036
Redcloud Peak Colo. 14,034
Mt. Langley Calif. 14,027
Conundrum Peak Colo. 14,022
Mt. Tyndall Calif. 14,019
Pyramid Peak Colo. 14,018
Wilson Peak Colo. 14,017
Wetterhorn Peak Colo. 14,015
North Maroon Peak Colo. 14,014
San Luis Peak Colo. 14,014
Middle Palisade Calif. 14,012
Mt. Muir Calif. 14,012
Mt. of the Holy Cross Colo. 14,005
Huron Peak Colo. 14,003
Thunderbolt Peak Calif. 14,003
Sunshine Peak Colo. 14,001
Source: Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey.

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