An Expedition to Egypt

Grade Levels: 3 - 5

  • Students will use an Internet site to pick out items related to ancient Egypt.
  • Students will estimate sums using front-end estimation and by estimating to the nearest dollar.
  • Students will solve problems by adding money amounts and by practicing to stay within a budget.



  1. Introduce key vocabulary: Egyptian, front-end estimation.
  2. Using the An Expedition to Egypt worksheet as a guide, students will use the Discovery Store to select items for an exhibit on ancient Egypt.
  3. Remind students that they must stay within their budget.
  4. Ask students to complete the worksheet using estimation skills and the information they find on the Internet site.
  5. Students may complete the worksheet in pairs or small groups.
  6. Schedule class time for students to share their calculations.


  • Use a rubric to assess students' ability to obtain data from a website and solve consumer math problems.
  • Find a variety of assessment techniques to use with this lesson.

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