Cyberbullying: What To Do When It Happens To You or Someone Close to You

Brought to you by Amdon and powered by PageWerkz, this printable quiz from CyWell educates kids on how to act when they encounter cyberbullying. Useful as an in-class handout or take-home assignment, this resource is also appropriate for sharing with parents for reinforcement at home.

Students will be asked to read through and make decisions about how to respond to a situation where one of their friends (John) is being cyberbullied by another friend (Razor). The resource features multiple-choice questions related to the scenario.

Teaching Tip: Break students into partners or small groups and have them work together to answer the questions. Then, lead a group discussion about why each group chose their respective answer(s).
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This resource from CyWell courseware is brought to you through the collaboration of SOOS OIO and Amdon through its proprietary e-learning platform, PageWerkz. SOOS OIO is a social enterprise that works together with the youths to build a vibrant and positive social media world. They encourage, equip and empower youth to be social media content creators and positive social influencers.

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Excerpted from

CyWell: Wellness in Cyberspace
SOOS-OIO and Amdon

CyWell is the first of its kind - fun, highly engaging, interactive courseware produced by leading e-publisher Amdon and SOOS-OIO designed to provide students a guide for dealing with online security and safety threats. With just 10 minutes a day for 1 week, parents, students, and teachers can learn how to spot warning signs of online dangers that are often overlooked by most people.

What’s awesome about CyWell is how it tackles not just protection from online threats but also provides tips on improving emotional wellbeing while interacting with other people online. To keep readers engaged, the program is designed in bright, fun colors, peppered with entertaining animation clips and lively game immersion. Students will be inspired to earn badges - and prizes - while playing the game and learning how to stay safe in cyberspace!

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