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Bugs are fascinating creatures. Explore all sorts of creepy crawlers with insect lessons, printables, and quizzes for elementary, intermediate, and secondary school students. You'll find a variety of cross-curricular activities on these invertebrates that connect science with art, math, language arts, and social studies. From printables on the life cycle of butterflies to a ladybug science activity to a spiders quiz, there are many diverse resources on nature to keep students' interest.

DK Worksheets
Use our workbook to enhance your lessons and students' knowledge of insects. Includes reading passages, different activities, and quizzes.
Technology Resources
Our Technology Resources will extend students' learning about insects through online research, making power point presentations, and reading passages.
Bulletin Board Ideas
Bulletin boards are a great way to increase the conversation and learning about insects. Have your students make lady bugs for your bulletin board with our resources.
Teach your students about insects with these printables. Includes a book with enrichment activities for science, mathematics, and spelling, as well as making an insect mobile.
Lesson Plans
Our Lesson Plans will help students understand insects with activities such as reading and drawing conclusions, experimenting which foods ants are draw to, and a hands-on creation of a butterfly garden.
Clip Art
Students will enjoy your lessons with our clip art pictures added to your printables or presentations.
Insect Activities for Art, Music, & Drama
Interconnect the arts into your lessons to expand students' learning. Includes a cross-curricular guide, as well as, creative writing and drawing imaginary insects, and making posters about insect observations.
Literature & Language Arts Activities on Insects
Choose from these activities to help students expand their knowledge. Includes non-fiction reading passages to help students practice their skills, and a printable guide with writing and comprehension questions.
Insect Activities for Math Class
Math activities can be interconnected with your lessons on insects to increase students' skills with activities including multiplication and demonstrating an understanding of large numbers, as well as counting.
Insects & Social Studies Connected
Explore insect connections using these social studies resources. Includes a cross-curricular guide which improves students' reading comprehension and geography skills, as well as a printable on why the Chinese kept insects.
Science Activities on Insects
Extend your insect lessons using these science resources. Includes kid-friendly books on insects, an ant experiment, and comparing different kinds of bees.
Earth Science Resources on Insects
Incorporate more science lessons on insects by using our resources on life cycles with reading passages and hands-on activities.

Recommended Insects and Bugs Resources

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