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Fascinate your students with facts about the human body parts and systems. You'll find handouts and activities on the five senses, growth and development, nutrition, and much more! These teaching resources are great additions to any science unit on health or biology.

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    Anterior Muscles of the Human Body

    Introduce students to the major muscles in the human body. Then, have them label the anterior muscle... read more


    Anatomy Quiz - Grade 8

    In this anatomy quiz, students are asked to match the common name for human body parts with the correct scientific name. read more

    Digital Book

    Sample of Eyewitness: Human Body

    This is a sample of Eyewitness: Human Body: a book that integrates words and pictures to take an in-... read more

    Digital Book

    Gallery of DK Digital Books for Life Science

    Brush up on your knowledge of plants and animals with these beautifully illustrated life science boo... read more


    Instant Expert: Human Body

    Become an instant expert on the human body. Find motivational mini-lessons and the reference materia... read more


    Instant Expert

    Become an instant expert on science and social studies topics featured in DK's award-winning referen... read more


    Hepatitis – True or False

    Enrich your health and science curriculum with this true/false worksheet about hepatitis. Pupils wil... read more


    The Liver

    Use this illustrated reading passage to teach pupils about the liver. After reading about the human ... read more


    Does Caffeine Increase Heart Rate?

    Introduce your pupils to the properties of caffeine and its effects on the body with this printable ... read more


    Determining Your Speediest Shoes

    Teach your pupils how different types of shoes can affect one's running speed with this printable sc... read more


    Do Loud Noises Affect Heart Rate?

    Familiarize your pupils with heart rate and teach them about human reflexes with this printable scie... read more


    Arthritis and Bones

    Pupils will expand their knowledge of the human body as they complete the sentences about arthritis and bones with the correct word or phrase. read more


    Spinal Cord Injuries

    In this printable worksheet, children read a passage about the human spinal cord, research spinal co... read more


    Asthma Word Fill-In

    Choose the words in this printable that best complete a paragraph about asthma, a chronic condition that affects the lungs. read more

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