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Heroes – Resources for Teachers

Discover the impact of heroes past and present, with these lessons, activities, and printables. Honor veterans, civil-rights activists, suffragists, medical personnel, community workers, family members, and more. Find creative writing activities about the immigrant experience, historical time lines of the civil rights movement, slideshows of famous women suffragists, art activities for celebrating community helpers, lesson plans for learning more about wars and the soldiers who fight them, and much more.

War Heroes & Veterans

ANZAC Day: Design a Stamp
Veterans Day Commemoration Activities
The Story of Veterans Day
Remembrance Day Quiz
Veterans Day Newspaper
Veterans Day Comprehension Questions
What Is Veterans Day?
Armed Forces Survey
Veterans Day – Teacher Resources
Memorial Day Teacher Resources
More Resources on Veterans

Suffragists & Women's-Rights Heroes

Leaders in U.S. Women's Suffrage Movement
Queen Elizabeth II Quiz
Women's Rights, Suffrage & Equality
Learn About Susan B. Anthony
Women's History Videos & Activities
Top 15 Women's History Month Activities
Women's Suffrage Art Project
International Women's Day
The Nineteenth Amendment
More Resources on Women's Suffrage & Equality

Other Heroes of Women's History

Leaders in U.S. Women's Suffrage Movement
Betsy Ross Little Book
Rachel Carson: The Coming of a Silent Spring
Learn About Pocahontas
The Keeping Quilt
Fastest Woman in the World: Wilma Rudolph
Nonfiction Reading Warm-Up: Sacagawea Biography
Readers Theater Script: Little House on the Prairie
Women Nobel Peace Prize Winners
Mother's Day History
More U.S. Women's History Resources

Civil-Rights Heroes

Nelson Mandela Biography: A Reading Warm-Up
Billie Holiday's Song "Strange Fruit"
Martin Luther King, Jr. Videos & Activities
The Civil Rights Movement
Martin Luther King Jr, Civil Rights Leader
Rosa Parks Coloring Page
Martin Luther King Jr Coloring Page
Martin Luther King Jr. Wordsearch
The Life and Accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr.
Historical Fiction Reading Warm-Up: Rosa Parks
More Popular Resources on Civil Rights

Other African-American Heroes

African Folk Tales: Background Information
A Raisin in the Sun
Maniac Magee Literature Guide
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
Top 10 Black History Month Worksheets (6-12)
Slavery & The Civil War – Videos & Activities
Cultures Day Project Ideas
Defining Jazz Music
African Tribal Masks
"I Have a Dream" Little Book
More Black History Month Resources

Community Helpers

Community Helpers: Matching
Fire Department Word Search
I Want to Be a Police Officer
Job Fair
I Want to Be a Firefighter
Police and Firefighter Wheel Pattern
Community Helpers
Use Service-Learning to Enhance Your Curriculum
Community Helpers Writing Activity
Service-Learning Case Study: Chico, CA
More Resources on Community Helpers


Appreciation Cards
Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms


Florence Nightingale Biography: A Reading Warm-Up
The Gingerbread Man
Occupations with the Largest Job Growth, 2004–2014
National Labor Organizations
Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms


I Want to Be a Doctor
Doctor and Dentist Patterns
Elizabeth Blackwell Biography
Jerry Spinelli Biography
African-American Scientists
Women and Work
Business Then and Now


Teacher Appreciation Week
If I Were the Teacher
Miss Nelson is Missing
Parent/Teacher Relations
Substitute Teacher Information
Great Teacher
Anne Sullivan Biography: A Reading Warm-Up
Preparing for the Interview
Educational Quotes
Teacher Appreciation Greeting Card: Teaching From the Heart
More Resources about Teachers


Favorite Mother's Day Activities Slideshow
More Mother's Day


Father's Day Presents
Favorite Father's Day Activities Slideshow
Animal Fathers
Father's Day Quiz
More Father's Day Resources

Other Resources about Heroes

We Beat the Street Discussion Guide
An Autobiographical Poem
Jerry Spinelli on Milkweed
Coloring Book of African-Americans Slideshow
"Batman & Robin" Comics
Florence Nightingale
Famous Survivors
People in Space: The Pioneers
Anti-War Protests
Joan of Arc Word Search

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