Green Classroom Practices That Save Money

Go green in your classroom with environmentally friendly tips that will save you and your school district money! Learn how your class can conserve energy, reduce waste, and reuse and recycle materials in your school. You'll find the perfect activity to celebrate America Recycles Day (November 15) and Earth Day (April 22).
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Updated on: September 12, 2008
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Use Technology

Online resources can save you valuable time and money while reducing the clutter in your classroom. These alternatives use technology to help you reduce the amount of paper products you purchase, print, and photocopy.

One daily newspaper subscription can generate hundreds of pounds of waste each year. Many newspapers are available for free online. You can minimize the amount you and your students print out by reading articles together on a classroom computer or projecting them on a whiteboard.

Instead of printing handouts, use email to send documents home to parents with Internet access. Also, consider starting a classroom website to post homework assignments, supplemental materials, announcements, and more. If you have a whiteboard available in your classroom, project worksheets and graphic organizers for students to fill-in as a class activity. Creating a blog is free, and you can use it to keep parents and students informed of classroom activities.

Are you searching for a solution to the stacks of teaching books you transport in and out of your classroom, car, or garage each school year? TeacherVision® is a green way to get the teaching resources you need, when you need them, while saving paper. Instead of buying books that take up space and deplete your personal funds, you can find the individual graphic organizer, printable, or lesson plan you are looking for, at the click of a mouse. You'll also find full-color books from DK's award-winning reference series and accompanying mini-lessons for science and social studies that you can read on the web and use on an interactive whiteboard to share with students. That means fewer books to worry about packing and unpacking each school year. And, instead of paper notebooks, you can use an online gradebook, such as® to manage grades and communicate with students and parents.