Governors General of Canada Since 1867

Supplement your study of Canadian history and government with this reference. This table lists the name and term of office of each of Canada's Governors-General since 1867.
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Term of Office Governor-General
1867–1868 Viscount Monck1
1869–1872 Baron Lisgar
1872–1878 Earl of Dufferin
1878–1883 Marquess of Lorne
1883–1888 Marquess of Lansdowne
1888–1893 Baron Stanley of Preston
1893–1898 Earl of Aberdeen
1898–1904 Earl of Minto
1904–1911 Earl Grey
1911–1916 Duke of Connaught
1916–1921 Duke of Devonshire
1921–1926 Baron Byng of Vimy
1926–1931 Viscount Willingdon
1931–1935 Earl of Bessborough
1935–1940 Baron Tweedsmuir
1940–1946 Earl of Athlone
1946–1952 Viscount Alexander
1952–1959 Vincent Massey
1959–1967 Georges P. Vanier
1967–1974 Roland Michener
1974–1979 Jules Léger
1979–1984 Edward R. Schreyer
1984–1990 Jeanne Sauvé
1990–1995 Ramon John Hnatyshyn
1995–1999 Roméo LeBlanc
1999–2005  Adrienne Clarkson
2005–Michaëlle Jean
1. Became governor-general of British North America in 1861.


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