Getting to Know You Augmented Reality Icebreaker


This AR icebreaker is a fun way to start the new school year!

New classmates will get to know each other quickly with this augmented reality icebreaker in which they take and post a selfie to the class "photo wall" and give 3 fun facts about themselves. They can then browse the pictures and responses and get to know each other!

To start the interactive AR experience, have students scan the QR code to the left with the Metaverse app for iOS or Android devices, download the PDF, or use this URL.

Updated on: June 27, 2018
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This resource requires the Metaverse AR app, which is available for iPhones and iOS devices and Android devices (phones, tablets, Chromebooks).

This resource can be customized using the AR creation tool Metaverse Studio - simply create a copy of the Experience, and you (or your students) can create a modified version for your specific class!


Metaverse makes it easy for anyone, even non-techies, to create interactive Augmented Reality experiences using the Metaverse Studio. Tell stories, develop educational games and lessons, and build Amazing Things with Metaverse.

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