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    Choose a Half

    Students are shown a geoblock and two smaller half blocks. They must visualize and circle which of the smaller blocks is half of the first. read more

    Halves and Halves Not

    Students are given different shapes that have been cut by lines. They must determine if the lines have divided the shapes into halves. read more

    X's and O's

    Students are asked to identify which rectangles are divided into fourths and which are divided into thirds. read more

    Color Them In!

    In this worksheet, students are asked to show two ways to draw fourths using multiple colors. Next, ... read more

    Mix `Em Up!

    In this worksheet, students are asked to use a combination of different shapes to cover each larger shape. read more

    How Many Rooms?

    Students are asked to count cubes to find the number of rooms in each building. They are also asked ... read more

    Show Me Half!

    Students are asked to draw rectangles on graph paper. Next, they color in half of the rectangle they have drawn. read more

    Sign Language

    Students are asked to match various road signs to the correct corresponding geometric shape. read more

    The Great Cover-Up

    Students must tell how many pattern blocks will cover up a given design. They must answer questions based on the shapes that were used. read more

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