National Inspirer 4.0

National Inspirer sends students on a scavenger hunt for resources across the country via the Internet. U.S. geography, demographics, and resource distribution are the keys to success.
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Lesson (936)

  • The student will reinforce her knowledge of different types of maps.
  • The student will master the names and locations of the states.
  • The student will be introduced to interesting facts about individual states and their resources, elevations, population densities and areas.
  • National Inspirer software by Tom Snyder
  • Class sets of reference maps (from the Teacher's Edition of National Inspirer)
  • Transparency set of reference maps.
  1. Review the features of resource, elevation, area and population density maps by using transparencies. Review concepts of keys, square mileage, elevation, symbols and population density (all of which have been previously introduced).
  2. Divide students into 5 cooperative groups. Pass out sets of maps.
  3. After giving students an opportunity to review all of the maps, explain the numerical ratings system.
  4. Define the objectives of the game and go over the rules (post these on the board).
  5. Demonstrate one trip to the class using the PC to TV device or LCD projector.
  6. Set a 7-trip limit for this game and let the students begin.
  7. See Teacher's Guide for National Inspirer for loads of great tips and resources.
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