Geography Challenge

Week 8

Discover fun facts with three levels of geography questions.

Level 1 (Grades 3-5)

The largest concrete dam in the United States is the Grand Coulee Dam.

Find the Grand Coulee Dam on a map of the United States. What state is it in? What river is it on?

Level 2 (Grades 5-7)

The Panama Canal cuts through an isthmus in Central America. Find it on a map.

What is an isthmus? What two continents are on either side?

Level 3 (Grades 6 and up)

Acid rain is rain, snow, and sleet polluted with acids such as sulfuric and nitric acids.

What does acid rain pollute? Where is acid rain the biggest problem?
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Geography Challenge Answers

Week 8

Level 1

The Grand Coulee Dam is located in the state of Washington. It is built on the Columbia River.

Level 2

An isthmus is a strip of land connecting two large land masses. This isthmus connects North and South America.

Level 3

Acid rain pollutes living organisms in lakes, rivers, streams, forests, soil, and elsewhere. It is a very serious problem in Europe.
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