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Find lessons and activities that are perfect for Flag Day—June 14th—or any other day you want to celebrate patriotism of the United States. Your students can learn facts about the flag, then complete activities to show you what they've learned. You'll find the full text of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, printable art activities, patriotic songs to sing in the classroom, reference articles about the history of the flag, biographical information about Betsy Ross, and much more!

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    Australia's Flag

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    Australian Aboriginal Flag

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    Slideshow Gallery

    7 Flag Day Activities Gallery

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    Daily Warm-Ups

    "The Star Spangled Banner" Reading Warm-Up

    Learn the history behind the "The Star-Spangled Banner" while improving stu... read more


    Betsy Ross Reading Warm-Up

    This printable warm-up features a nonfiction passage about Betsy Ross and r... read more


    Betsy Ross Little Book

    Students read a brief biography of Betsy Ross, after which they put togethe... read more


    Three Countries

    Distribute a printable social studies activity that focuses on the capitals... read more


    Respect the Flag

    Distribute a printable social studies activity that focuses on flag etiquet... read more


    Flag Day History

    Teach children about the history of the American flag, and extend their lea... read more


    The Betsy Ross Flag

    Increase social studies skills with an activity that focuses on the America... read more


    Flags and Stars

    Develop math skills with an activity that focuses on counting and identifyi... read more


    Flag Day: Library Skills

    Develop library-skills with this activity that focuses on facts about the U... read more

    Bulletin Board

    United States Flag Bulletin Board

    Work this bulletin board idea into your lesson plans by letting students cr... read more


    Patriotic Songs

    Do you know all of the verses to "America"? Test yourself and your students... read more