Ancestry and Family Tree Slideshow

We've gathered several different family tree templates, literature guides, and inspirational ideas to engage your students as they learn more about their ancestry. These activities will enrich students' understanding of their background and help them practice research and documentation skills. You can also extend your lessons to include math and language arts with these resources, which will help you address multiple intelligences and incorporate technology into your classroom.
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Connect social studies and technology with a family tree PowerPoint presentation. In this lesson, students study their genealogy and create a family tree using an organizational chart in Microsoft® PowerPoint.

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After introduction to a family tree website, students are inspired to research their own family histories.

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Instruct children to color, cut, and assemble a house-shaped book about their family.

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The Keeping Quilt is a multi-generational story that follows a beloved quilt from one family member to another. The resources and activities suggested here will help students to enjoy and learn from this story. This is a great resource to use during Women's History Month (March) and while studying immigration.

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Students can track their ancestors' travel route to the United States, using an immigration bulletin board.

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This blank family tree form allows you to record your ancestors' names, birth dates, and places of birth. This printable is customizable. Tailor the PDF to your needs by typing in the highlighted fields before printing.

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Use a printable that contains a family tree chart that students' parents can help them fill in.

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Increase social studies skills with an activity that focuses on family history.

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Students fill in their family tree.

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Students learn the basics of an organization chart in this printable PowerPoint activity on family trees.

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Encourage your class to discover everything they can about their families, with this printable book. Students will learn about family trees, timelines, family members, and more.

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Try a math activity that focuses on creating a graph of family members.

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In this art activity, students make puppets of their family members.

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Students research and record basic facts about their family.

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