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British History Teacher Resources

Study the people, politics, and events that comprise Britain's rich history – from the Middle Ages to the 21st century – using the teaching resources below. You will find royalty printables, lesson plans on past wars, quizzes, suffrage references, and much more!


Queen Elizabeth II Quiz
Medieval Period Quiz
Battle of the Somme Quiz
Queen Elizabeth II Quiz
Benedict Arnold Multiple Choice Quiz
Remembrance Day Quiz
Battle of Culloden
More British History Quizzes

Printables for Key Stage 2

World War II Printable Book (5-12)
Mapping the War: World War II
Battles of World War I
Chronology of World War II
Slavery Writing Prompt
Queen Elizabeth I Word Search
Mount Everest Timeline
More Key Stage 2 Resources

Printables for Key Stage 3

The Middle Ages: The Feudal System Activity Packet
The Middle Ages: Knights and Knighthood Activity Packet
The Middle Ages: Life on a Manor Activity Packet
Fourteen Points Writing Exercise
Draw a Gothic Cathedral
Martin Luther Reading Comprehension: Protestant Reformation
Hospital Word Search II
More Key Stage 3 Resources

Printables for Key Stages 4 and 5

War of the Roses
Black History Word Search
International Organizations Activity
UK Women's Suffrage Timeline
The Battle of Vimy Ridge
War of the Roses Quiz
Heroines of Women's Suffrage
More Key Stage 4 & 5 Resources

Women's History

Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
Colorfully Named Kings and Queens
The Queen's Birthday
Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Golden Jubilee
Elizabeth Blackwell Biography
Margaret Thatcher Biography
More Women's History Resources


Popular Drama Printables
The Merchant of Venice Teacher's Guide
A Midsummer Night's Dream Curriculum Guide
Shakespeare's Globe Theater
Romeo and Juliet Curriculum Guide
Using a Double-Entry Journal with Shakespeare's Hamlet
Hamlet Curriculum Guide
More Popular Shakespeare Resources


ANZAC Day: Design a Stamp
Plan a Holiday
Epiphany Word Scramble
Pancake Day Recipe Activity
Plan a Holiday With Your Family
Saint's Days
London Traditions Quiz
More Holiday Resources


John Venn
Winston Churchill
Elizabeth I Biography
Robert Burns Biography
Guy Fawkes Biography
Queen Victoria Biography
Prince Charles Biography
More Biographies


The Many Wives of King Henry VIII
King Louis XVI Word Scramble
Mary Queen of Scots Sentence Builder
Court and Kings
Britain's Royal Family Tree
Wallis Simpson Biography
Prince William Biography
More Royalty Resources

British Government

Marshall Plan
European Peace Treaties Worksheet
Food Rationing Word Scramble
Guy Fawkes Night
Prime Minister Profile
Samuel Pepys - Biography & Activities
Henry VIII Biography
More Government Resources

Middle Ages

Creative Writing with Photo Inspiration
The Middle Ages: Medieval Towns Activity Packet
Sir Cumference and the First Round Table Activities
A Feudal Society
Castle Life
Medieval Knights
A Medieval Feast
More Materials on the Middle Ages

World War I

Stay Where You Are & Then Leave Teacher's Guide
Battles That Changed History
Wilfred Owen Biography
British Naval Battles Quiz
More World War I Resources

World War II

WWII Printables Slideshow
World War II: Timeline
The Origins of World War II
World War II Aircraft
World History: 1940s
The Bismarck
Malta Writing Exercise
More World War II Resources

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