School Enrollment in U.S.

Statistics concerning school enrollment in the U.S. are presented.
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By Public elementary and secondary schools, Private elementary and secondary schools, and Degree-granting institutions

(in thousands)

YearPublic elementary and
secondary schools
Private elementary and
secondary schools1
Degree-granting institutions2
grade 8
Grades 9
through 12
grade 8
Grades 9
through 12
TotalPublic Private
Fall 198040,87727,64713,2315,3313,9921,33912,0979,4572,640
Fall 198539,42227,03412,3885,5574,1951,36212,2479,4792,768
Fall 199041,21729,87811,3385,2344,0841,15013,81910,8452,974
Fall 199544,84032,34112,5005,6624,4651,19714,26211,0923,169
Fall 199846,53933,34613,1935,93734,70231,235314,50711,1383,369
Fall 199946,85733,48813,3696,0184,7651,25414,79111,3093,482
Fall 200047,20433,68813,5156,16244,87541,287415,31211,7533,560
Fall 200147,68833,95213,7366,20244,88041,322415,92812,2333,695
Fall 2002447,91833,94213,9766,2414,8851,35616,10212,3543,749
Fall 2003448,04033,84314,1986,2564,8761,37916,36112,5463,814
Fall 2004448,17533,66914,5066,2794,8711,40816,46812,6273,841
NOTE: Elementary and secondary enrollment excludes home-schooled children. Based on the National Household Education Survey, there were approximately 850,000 home-schooled children in spring 1999.
1 Beginning in fall 1980, data include estimates for an expanded universe of private schools. Direct comparisons with earlier years should be avoided.2 Two- and four-year institutions eligible to participate in Title IV federal financial aid programs.
3 Estimated.
4 Projected.

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