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    Shape Riddles

    Students are asked to solve geometric riddles using word clues. This worksheet also practices drawing 2-dimensional shapes. read more


    Star Riddles

    Teachers encourage students to solve each riddle by counting and coloring the correct number of stars. read more


    Building with Boxes

    This worksheet asks students to find boxes, make a building out of them, and then draw the building in the space provided. read more


    Day of the Dead Offerings

    After teaching students about the purpose, symbols, and traditions of Día de los Muertos, assign thi... read more


    Otis Friendship Pictures

    Otis and the calf are great friends. In this friendship activity, children talk about their own spec... read more


    Otis Barn Mural Activity

    Use pictures from the children's book Otis to help kids draw farm animals and tools. Children will c... read more


    Cover Story

    In this reading extension activity, students redesign a book cover to demonstrate their understandin... read more


    Best Friends Drawing Activity

    Have students draw a picture of what they enjoy doing most with their best friend. Use this art prin... read more


    Draw Your Favorite Pet

    In this drawing activity, students draw a picture of an animal they would like as a best friend. Use... read more


    Otis Drawing Activity: My Best Friend

    In this drawing activity, students draw a picture of their best friend. This printable makes a great... read more


    Madeline's Magical Ride Through Washington, D.C.

    Children draw what they imagine Madeline and Candle see as they ride a magical wave of cherry blosso... read more


    Making a Fresco

    In this lesson, students learn about frescoes and improvise their own simple fresco paintings on Pla... read more


    Australia Post

    Share this reading passage with your students to teach them about Australia's first stamp and the hi... read more


    Tom Roberts and the Heidelberg School

    Introduce students to Australian art history with this activity. Students will research Tom Roberts ... read more


    Road Signs

    Pupils will learn road safety using this printable worksheet. They are asked to draw some common road signs. read more


    History of Communication

    Teachers can share with their students the history of communication through this learning activity. ... read more

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