Dealing with Germs in the Classroom

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    Handwashing Awareness – Videos & Activities

    December 6-12, 2015 is Handwashing Awareness Week. Use these educational videos and activities on ha... read more


    Influenza Vaccination Recommendations

    Should you get a flu shot? This fact sheet explains who should or should not be immunized against in... read more


    Myths & Facts About Influenza

    How much do you know about the flu? Get the facts and bust the myths about influenza with this hando... read more


    Fever 1793 Teacher's Guide

    Explore late eighteenth-century life in America with the discussion topics and cross-curricular acti... read more


    Health Reading Warm-Up: Germs

    This printable reading warm-up includes a nonfiction passage about germs and reading comprehension q... read more


    Healthy Sharing

    Students learn about preventing the spread of germs by circling the items that should not be shared and coloring the items that can be shared. read more


    Living a Healthy Life: Family Activity

    Suggest a family activity to parents that provides home projects focused on communicable diseases an... read more

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