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    My Curious George Story

    After reading the Curious George series, encourage children to continue George's adventures by writi... read more

    Curious George Learns the Alphabet Word Game

    Review the alphabet with a fun task featuring Curious George. In this printable, children are challe... read more

    Curious George Rides a Bike: Newspaper Article

    Encourage creative thinking with this writing activity about Curious George. This printable packet i... read more

    Curious George: Hats... Hats... Hats

    A yellow hat is a familiar site in the adventures of Curious George. In this activity about hats, ch... read more

    Curious George Character Portrait

    Explore characters in children's literature with this printable Curious George activity. This charac... read more

    Curious George: An Acrostic Poem

    Encourage creativity with this Curious George poetry activity. Children read an acrostic poem, then ... read more

    Curious George "Ten Little Monkeys" Song

    Connect music and literature with these printable lyrics to "Ten Little Monkeys". Children are sure ... read more

    Curious George Coloring Sheet Packet

    Extend and enhance children's enjoyment of the Curious George series with the fun coloring sheets in... read more

    Something from Something Word Game

    Engage children with the challenge of making as many words as they can from letters in a given phras... read more

    Advanced Curious George Double Vision Activity

    Promote attention to detail with this visual discrimination game. Children must closely compare and ... read more

    Curious George Double Vision Activity

    Challenge young children to find the twelve differences between two Curious George illustrations. Th... read more

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