Courageous Conversations About Race

Are you an educator that cares about culturally responsive teaching and learning? Are you looking to better understand and explore how race affects your students' lives and your professional practice? Do you want to learn a specific protocol and specific strategies for how to talk about race in ways that build bridges of understanding? The course, Courageous Conversations About Race will provide you with the tools you need to become a more culturally responsive teacher.
Teaching Strategies:
Updated on: February 12, 2019

Glenn Singleton explores how race affects your students’ lives and your professional practice. Deepen your understanding of the need for personal racial consciousness and the importance of engaging in the Protocol for Courageous Conversations about Race. Gain the knowledge and skills to understand and examine the impact of race on student achievement. Learn how to talk about race in ways that build bridges of understanding that lead to effective action. This course includes videos of authentic classroom practice, a coach to provide personalized feedback, and flexibility to engage with the content on your schedule.

  • Practical guidance from an expert on the Protocol for Courageous Conversations About Race
  • Convenient, flexible online format
  • 45 PD hours or 3 graduate credits
Skills You'll Learn

In this course, you'll learn how to use the Compass and the Four Agreements, two components of the Protocol for Courageous Conversations About Race You will explore the need for personal racial consciousness and the importance of using the Protocol. You will examine how race impacts you at a personal, local, and immediate level, and you will use conditions of the Protocol in order to engage in interracial dialogue.

Course Overview

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About the Instructor

Glenn Singleton founded Pacific Educational Group, Inc. (PEG) to support families in their transitions within and between K–12 and higher education. His company rapidly grew into a vehicle for addressing systemic educational inequity by providing a framework, guidance, and support to K–12 systems and institutions of higher education focused on meeting the needs of underserved students of color. Working at all levels, from beginning teachers to superintendents at local, state, and national levels, PEG helps educators focus on heightening their awareness of institutional racism and implementing effective strategies for eliminating racial achievement disparities in schools..

Shaundra Williams has been leading teachers, staff, faculty, and students in K12 classrooms, school districts colleges, colleges, universities, and community organizations nation wide, through equity training and workshops over the past 20 years. She works to support equity in education for black and brown children in K12 schools nationwide and is committed to social justice and racial equity in education and community efforts to help all students succeed and thrive. Shaundra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Black Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a Master of Science in Counselor Education with an emphasis in Student Development from Mississippi State University...

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