Missing Children – You Can Help!

If you ever recognize one of the missing children, you can complete a Sightings Form or call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

Resources for Teachers and Parents

Teach Your Kids How to Talk to Strangers
Teach your students to talk to the right strangers if they ever find themselves lost, alone, or in danger.

Know the Rules – Going To/From School More Safely
Tips to help parents prepare their children for a safer journey to and from school.

Summer Safety Tips for Children
A list of summer safety tips.

Child Safety Is More Than A Slogan
Positive safety messages and safety skills that will build your child's self esteem and self confidence while helping to keep them safer.

Know the Rules...for Child Safety in Youth Sports
Help keep local youth sports participants safe by passing on these important tips.

Key Facts: Missing Children, Child Sexual Exploitation & Internet Safety
Key statistics and information about missing and sexually exploited children.

NetSmartz for Educators
An interactive educational resource for children ages 5-17 that uses age-appropriate 3-D activities to teach children how to stay safe on the Internet.

Activities for Students

Missing Children
This activity has students participate in role-playing sessions to teach them ways to stay safe when they encounter strangers.

The Lady in the Car
Students read a story about a stranger approaching a girl and decide what the girl should do next.

The Health Fair
Students color the balloons green that tell of people who they should take medicine from and color the balloons red that tell of people who they shouldn't take medicine from.

Peanut's Emergency Safety Rules
Review safety rules and have students write their emergency contact information in the fields provided on this printable. Remind students what to do and who to contact in case of an emergency.

How You Can Help

Neighborhood Poster Program
One in six children is located as a result of someone recognizing a missing child's photograph and notifying authorities. Join the search!

Volunteer Application
Complete this form to become a volunteer in your community.

Please copy and paste the URL of this page (http://teachervision.com/community-life/social-issues/14961.html) into an email and forward it on to all of your teaching colleagues, family, and friends. Imagine the difference a few seconds of your time could make to one of these missing children!

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