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Ring in the new year! The Chinese New Year spans fifteen days. Make the most of this extended holiday with the printables, lessons, quizzes, and references below for kindergarten through twelfth grade. Use the many language arts and literature resources to learn about the history of Lunar New Year celebrations. Familiarize your class with the Chinese calendar, try traditional recipes, and make dragon puppets for class decorations.

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Chinese New Year – Videos & Activities

Learn about the ancient traditions and modern celebrations of the Chinese N... read more


Understanding the Chinese Calendar

Introduce the Chinese calendar with a handout, then have students use the c... read more


World War II Japanese Relocation Centers

Learn about the evacuation orders during World War II that resulted in the ... read more


Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet

In this arts and crafts activity, students make their own dragon puppet for... read more


Sun Nin, the Chinese New Year

Teach children about the Chinese New Year celebration with these activities... read more


Sol-Nal, the Korean New Year

Teach children about the Korean New Year celebration with these activities.... read more


Making a Story Cloth

In this arts & crafts activity, children learn about the Hmong culture in S... read more


Making a Fan

In this arts & crafts activity, children create a fan that resembles those ... read more



Teach children about Chinese culture by baking traditional mooncake cookies... read more

Literature Guide

A Step from Heaven

This is the story of a Korean family that immigrates to California in searc... read more

Literature Guide

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson

This literature guide includes enrichment activities and internet resources... read more


The Art of Feng Shui

Learn about the Asian-American method of well being by the Art of Feng Shui... read more


History of Chopsticks

In much of Asia, especially the so-called "rice bowl" cultures of China, Ja... read more


Asian-American History

Learn about Asian-American history-from the early Chinese laborers in the 1... read more

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