Charlotte Danielson's A Framework For Teaching

In order to improve our teaching practices, we must be reflective practitioners. In this course, you will learn A Framework For Teaching, which defines a teacher's responsibilities and the four domains they fall in. You will learn how to use this framework in order to assess and strengthen your classroom instruction and improve student learning. This course is for any educator who wants to learn how become better at the craft of teaching.
Teaching Strategies:
Updated on: February 12, 2019

Charlotte Danielson's A Framework for Teaching defines teachers' responsibilities, which fall into four domains: planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities. Through lectures, classroom observations, and vigorous panel discussions, educators work through how to use the Framework to scrutinize and strengthen classroom teaching practices to improve student learning. Punctuated by worksheets and activities, the course prepares educators to use the Framework to become their best professional selves.

  • Practical guidance from an expert on how to strengthen classroom teaching practices to improve student learning
  • Convenient, flexible online format
  • 45 PD hours or 3 graduate credits
Skills You'll Learn

In this course, you'll learn a common language to discuss teaching practice, and how to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in different domains. You will also learn the different types of curriculum outcomes and the form and content of effective rubrics .

Course Overview

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About the Instructor

Charlotte Danielson who earned her Master’s of Education in Educational Administration and Supervision at Rutgers University, is a former economist and an educational consultant based in Princeton, New Jersey. She has taught at all levels, from kindergarten through college, and has worked as an administrator, a curriculum director, and a staff developer. In her consulting work, Ms. Danielson has specialized in aspects of teacher quality and evaluation, curriculum planning, performance assessment, and professional development.

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